Elemental Master Job Change Guide

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Elemental Master Job Change Guide
Base Level: 200
Job Level: 60(70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise. But you will have 70 before getting to 200 base lvl)
Job Class: Sorcerer
Quest Prerequisite(s): Legacy of the Wise One
Item(s): 490087.png Hourglass Necklace
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Elemental Master
  1. Go to the top of the Geffen Tower and talk with Elma.
  2. Talk with Kiran in the same room, then again with Elma two times.
  3. Go to Varmundt Magic Power Plant 1 (entrance in Barmund's Mansion) ba_maison75146. You can either be teleported by Nillem at Cat on Bullet in Einbroch then go inside the mansion and take the portal on the right, or if walking from Special Security Area Cor take the NE portal and then in Sewage Treatment Plant take the west portal. Once at Power Plant 1 go to the middle of the map ba_pw01140140 and click on the Potent Mana Stone.
  4. You will be requested to hunt 10 Spell Addicted Dolor and 10 Released Spell.
  5. After the hunting is done, go back and click the Potent Mana Stone.
  6. Go to Varmundt Library ba_maison197102 (note this requires completing step 5 of Be Quiet in the Library) and once in the library proper click on the Potent Mana Bookshelf ba_maison17099.
  7. You will be requested to hunt 10 Roaming Spellbook.
  8. Go back to the Potent Mana Bookshelf and click it. Elma will appear then click again on the Potent Mana Bookshelf to be teleported.
    • NOTE At this point make sure you are in a party as the party leader.
  9. Talk with Yoop to create the job change instance.
  10. Talk again with Yoop and select "Follow him" to enter the instance.
  11. Inside the instance, talk with Yoop to begin the dialogue.
  12. Go to the room at the right and kill all the Water Fragments and destroy the Water Essence.
    • After you finish them, a dialog will popup.
  13. Go back to the entrance and go to the north till you find a root going to the left then go there to kill all the Earth Fragments and destroy the Earth Essence.
    • After you finish them, a dialog will popup and you will be teleported into another room.
  14. Talk with the Guild Master and select "Accept" to change your job to a Elemental Master.
  15. To leave the instance go the south and talk with the fairies.