Venom Swamp

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Venom Swamp.png Venom Swamp
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Type: Magic Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 80 + (Skill Level × 4)
Duration: 4 seconds
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 9x9
Property: Poison
Status: Strong Poison
AP Generated: 4
Status Icon: File:I Strong Poison.png
(Elemental Master) Magic Book Mastery Lv. 2

Venom Swamp (Alt: Venom Swamp) is a 4th class offensive skill available as Elemental Master.


Summon a deadly poisonous swamp in 9x9 cells on the ground for 4 seconds, inflicting Poison Magic damage with a chance of Strong Poison within range. It additionally increases damage, depending on your Base Level and SPL.

Level MATK Strong Poison Chance SP Cost
1 150% 20% 84
2 300% 30% 88
3 450% 40% 92
4 600% 50% 96
5 750% 60% 100


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