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Blinding Mist

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Blinding Mist.png Blinding Mist
Blinding Mist Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 25
Duration: 20 seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 10 cells
Area of Effect: 5x3
Status: Blind
(Sage) Whirlwind Lv. 2, Deluge Lv. 2

Blinding Mist (Alt: Wall of Fog) is a Transcendent 2nd class active skill available as Scholar.


Creates an opaque mist on a targeted location that will cause blindness to all enemies inside it. Aggressive monsters affected by this skill will be unable to attack anyone unless they are adjacent to them as they have their sight range reduced.

Effects inside

When aiming any entity inside the mist:

  • All single target skills will have a 75% chance to miss.
  • Ranged attacks and skills will have their damage reduced by 75% and their hit rate reduced by 50.

Monsters are also affected in the same manner, but the effects of the mist will continue for the duration of this skill even after the monster leaves the mist. This does not apply to players, who will lose all effects of the mist the moment they leave it.


  • A maximum of two mists can be created before the first one expires.
  • When this skill is cast on Deluge, the duration of this skill is doubled.
  • Does not prevent damage from area skills.
  • This skill can be combined with Safety Wall.
  • Blind status from this skill does not affect the following entities: