Boss Protocol

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A Boss Protocol monster has a special flag set with the following attributes below. Some monsters and all MVPs have this flag set.

  • Have a skull icon next to their name
    Boss Protocol-Boss Icon.png Mastering
    Boss Protocol-MVP Icon.png Golden Thief Bug
  • Various skills fail on them:
  • The knock back aspect of skills does not affect them.
  • They detect the Hiding status and any other skill statuses that is similar to it.
  • The time Ankle Snare holds them is reduced.
  • Unaffected by status effects;
    • They cannot be silenced, stunned, poisoned, etc.
    • Exception: Some status effects can still affect boss monsters. For example, Quagmire, and the Divest skills.
  • Affected by all items geared towards "bosses", i.e.;

Example for common monsters with Boss protocol:

Mini Boss

Mini Bosses are not an official designation for any in-game monsters, and the term is not endorsed by game management. Rather, a "Miniboss" is a player-coined term often used to refer to monsters which possess the boss protocol, but which are not MVPs. Many, though not all, of these "minibosses" can be considered rare, as they usually spawn in a limited quantity and only on specific maps, and possess spawn intervals ranging from as quick as 10 minutes to as long as 2 hours unlike normal monsters that spawn instanteneously. Minibosses are similar to an MVP but not quite exactly like. They usually possess stronger skills, higher HP, and more attacking power than similar non-boss monsters, with some even being able to summon mobs. Unlike MVPs, these monsters are NOT FFA. However it is ill-mannered to keep these monsters alive and prevent other players from attacking them while artificially extending the respawn time.

Monsters that can be classified as Mini Bosses are: