Summon Elemental Procella

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Summon Elemental Procella.png Summon Elemental Procella
Summon Elemental Procella Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 100
Duration: 25 minutes
Catalyst: 1000291.png 1 Lightning Stone
(Sorcerer) Call Ventus Lv. 3, (Elemental Master) Elemental Spirit Mastery Lv. 1, Lightning Land Lv. 1

Summon Elemental: Procella is a 4th class active skill available as Elemental Master and part of the Elemental Spirit System.


Possess a Level 3 Ventus with the higher Wind spirit, Procella. Increases Wind Magic damage by 10% and Lightning Land damage by 30%.


Passive Mode (Grace Breeze)

  • Increases Lightning Bolt MATK by 100%.
  • When the summoner uses a normal physical attack, there is a 7% chance to cast Level 1 Lightning Bolt. If a higher level is learned, activates according to highest level.
  • Psychic Wave becomes Wind property.

Defensive Mode (Eyes of the Storm)

  • Endows armor with Wind property.
  • Boosts resistance to Wind property damage by 100%.
  • Drops resistance to Earth property damage by 30%.

Offensive Mode (Storm Wind)

  • Creates a strong wind in a 5X5 area around the target and Procella, striking enemies within the range. Inflicts MATK 2600% wind property magic damage that ignores the target's magic defense. Damage is additionally increased according to the summoner's base level.