Analyze Element

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Analyze Element.png Analyze Element
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 2, selectable
SP Cost: (Skill Level × 10)
Fixed Cast Time: 2 seconds
Target: Self
Catalyst: Elemental ores and stones
(Sage) Endow Blaze Lv. 1, Endow Tsunami Lv. 1, Endow Tornado Lv. 1, Endow Quake Lv. 1

Analyze Element (Alt: Elemental Analysis) is a 3rd class active skill available as Sorcerer and part of the Elemental Spirit System.


Synthesize elemental stones into kinds needed for summoning Elemental Spirits.

The rates for level 1 are really bad so use Ore Downgrading instead.

Level Effect Chances
1 Break down one full elemental stone into smaller ones.

Random amount (2-5)

2 Merge tens of ores into stones.
  • 90% chance to successfully combine elemental ores.
  • 10% chance to fail and lose all elemental ores.
Elemental Ores Elemental Stones


  • The chance of success is applied once per process. For example, if 200 Crystal Blues are used through Level 2 Analyze Element, there's a 90% chance of successfully merging them into 20 Mystic Frozens and 10% chance of losing all of the used items.