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Call Tera

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Call Tera.png Call Tera
Call Tera Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 3, selectable
SP Cost: 50 + (Skill Level × 50)
Fixed Cast Time: 2 seconds
Variable Cast Time: (Skill Level) seconds
Cooldown: 1 minute
Duration: 5 + (Skill Level × 5) minutes
Target: Self
Catalyst: 3, 6 Green Live or 1 Great Nature
(Sorcerer) Spirit Control Lv. 1, Earth Grave Lv. 3

Call Tera (Alt: Summon Tera) is a 3rd class active skill available as Sorcerer and part of the Elemental Spirit System.


Summon the Spirit of Earth, Tera, to assist the player. As long as the Elemental Spirit is active, it will drain SP every 10 seconds.

Level Catalyst Cast Time (Fix + Var) Duration SP Drain SP Cost
993.png 3 Green Live
(2 + 1)s 10m 5 100
993.png 6 Green Live
(2 + 2)s 15m 8 150
997.png 1 Great Nature
(2 + 3)s 20m 11 200


  • If there is already an Elemental Spirit out, it will be destroyed in place of the newly summoned one.
  • If an Elemental Spirit has more than one Offensive Skill, one will be chosen randomly.

Level 1 Tera

El Tera S.gif

Bonus Stats for Tera


Solid Skin

Stone Hammer

  • Delivers a crushing blow to inflict low Earth property damage. May leave the target stunned.

Level 2 Tera

El Tera M.gif

Bonus Stats for Tera

Cursed Soil

Stone Shield

  • Boosts resistance to Earth property damage by 100%.
  • Drops resistance to Fire property damage by 100%.

Rock Crusher

  • Drops down a boulder to inflict low Earth property damage to a single target and drop its Movement Speed by 25%.

Rock Crusher Attack

  • Drops down a boulder to inflict high Earth property damage to a single target and drop its DEF.

Level 3 Tera

El Tera L.gif

Bonus Stats for Tera


Power of Gaia

Stone Rain

  • Drops down an avalanche of rocks to inflict very high Earth property damage to all enemies in a 3x3 area around the target. May leave the enemies stunned.