Legacy of the Wise One

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Map Layout

Sage mansion.png


Continuing from Episode 17.1 Illusion
Note: Nillem is now at the Cat on a Bullet pub_cat85105 providing warps to the following areas for 500z:

  • Heart Hunter Base
  • Rudus
  • Special Security Area, Cor
  • Sage's Mansion Garden

Daily Quests

Legacy of the Wise One Daily Quests.

Main Quest

Before Starting the Quest, please prepare the following items beforehand:

Starting the Quest

Legacy of the Wise One
Base Level: 130
Quest Prerequisite(s): Illusion
Base Experience: Multiple
Job Experience: Multiple
Item(s): Multiple
Quest Reward(s): 1000103.png 105 Barmeal Ticket
Event Notice

This follows right after the team agrees to enter the Varmundt Mansion through the waterway.

  1. Talk to Rookie sp_cor255285.
  2. Talk to Rookie again and after giving a brief overview, he will send you inside the Sewage Treatment Plant.
  3. Head to ba_pw029392 where you will find a peculiar Rune Knight drowning.
  4. Dew seems to have fainted after pulling him out, use 610.png 1 Yggdrasil Leaf to revive him.
  5. Follow him to the next area where the rest of the group are. (Dialogue will immediately start after reaching the next area and cannot be interrupted by monster attacks)
  6. You meet up with Rashis, Magie and Mark who went to search for Dew. The group then heads to Alph waiting near the Sewer Entrance.
  7. Talk to Alph.
  8. Talk to Rashis who will be staying behind to wait for someone, the rest of the group then heads outside.
  9. Talk to Tamarin who tells us to register with the Mansion Manager Alpha.
  10. Talk to Mansion Manager Alpha who eventually registers us as a official guest.
  11. As Alpha is broadcasting the updated guest list to the network, an issue seems to have occurred.
  12. Alpha says that she is not getting any replies from the Dining, Gazebo and Garden and asks us to check on the repeaters of those areas.

Repeater Check

  1. Find Tasty ba_maison146109 who starts to panic and offers you food to go away.
  2. After proving your status as a guest you inform Tasty that the Repeaters are broken.
  3. Tasty is sure that the communication chip was stolen from the repeaters, while searching for a replacement chip a malfunctioning robot shows up.
  4. Sensing its demise, the Robot promptly runs away.
  5. Tasty asks you to retrieve 1000232.png 1 Robot Communication Chip from Broken Betas.
  6. After giving the Communication Chip, Tasty recommends to head to the Gazebo next since it's much closer.
  7. Locate the Repeater at ba_maison333143 and touch it, despite Tasty telling you to ask a robot for assistance.
  8. After receiving you just desserts, Worry will show up and begins to attack the repeater.
  9. Radish then shows up to calm down Worry, you inform Radish that Alpha is unable to send the new guest list due to the broken repeater.
  10. After assuring that she will fix the repeater soon, Radish directs you to the location of the Central Garden.
  11. On your way to the Central Garden, Cagey ba_maison246206 stops you from entering.
  12. After informing Cagey that the repeater is down, Cagey checks the status of the repeater and realizes that the repeaters are hacked.
  13. Return to Mansion Manager Alpha ba_maison74150 to make your report.
  14. After confirming your report, you ask Alpha where your companions are and directs you to the Teahouse ba_maison10265

Joining with The Party

  1. After entering the teahouse, you see Dien and Philofontes in a deadlock.
  2. Rookie suggests looking for information about the incidents that occurred here instead.
  3. You suggest inquiring about the incident with the Mansion Managers and volunteer do it as the only neutral party in the group.
  4. Ask Junas ba_maison18856 about any records made by the Mercenaries and Eich.
  5. Ask Adoren ba_maison247161 about records regarding a Mercenary named Eich.
    1. Asking about the details of the conversation did not yield results
    2. Asking the location of the conversation leads you to a Cleaner Robot ba_maison357290 with a Letter from the Rekenber Corporation caught by it.
  6. Ask Skippy ba_maison319169 about records of accidents of incidents.
    1. A record of an unknown dead woman wearing formal attire found near the walls of the mansion was found.
  7. Ask High High ba_maison232310 about the conversation made by past guests.
    1. Asking about conversations of strange behavior reveals that Eich was almost kicked out when he tried going deep inside the mansion.
  8. Return to the Teahouse ba_maison10265 to make your report.
  9. Talk to Rookie to start your report about the mysterious corpse and your assumption that the Mercenaries may have been the ones that killed her.
  10. Dien denies the possibility of the Mercenaries doing it, but you explain further that there might be a traitor amongst the mercenaries.
  11. Dien asks for proof of collusion with the corporation so you show the envelope with the symbol of the Rekenber Corporation.
  12. Upon inspection of the letter, the name of the receiver is revealed to be Eich Rukenberg.
  13. Kaya Tos steps out to contact his secretary.
  14. Ridish then asks about any additional information about Eich.
  15. Kaya Tos returns with intel about the identity of Eich.
  16. Kaya Tos goes outside to gather his thoughts; Rookie asks you to watch over Kaya Tos ba_maison10392.
  17. An assassin revealed to have been sent by the Rekenber Board of Directors shows up to kill Kaya Tos.
  18. As you try to save Kaya Tos, you get shoved aside by Dien and Kotnes and drove the assassin away.
  19. Dien, recognizing the efforts done by Kaya decides to cooperate with him while keeping a watchful eye of the corporation.
  20. Kaya Tos thanks everyone and asks to join him for tea.
  21. Upon returning to the Teahouse, Speak to Tatio.
  22. Rookie decides to step out and asks if you want to accompany him.

The Story of a Manager

  1. After leaving the Teahouse, Talk to Rookie who was in a conversation with Alpha.
  2. Eliumina angrily shows up and seems to have been attacked by a Manager delivering food and bonked her with the tray as well as other robots.
  3. Rookie asks us to help him retrieve at least 1000226.png 5 Broken Robot Cores from destroyed robots marked on the map.
  4. After collecting the Cores, Rookie tells us to rendezvous with Elena ba_maison303140
  5. Talk to Elena who came in place of Eliumina to collect the cores.
  6. Eisen Werner unluckily teleports in and gets apprehended by Elena.
  7. Eisen willingly follows in hopes with reuniting with his colleagues.

Operation Pest Control

  1. Head to the Servant's Quarters ba_maison101321 where Elumina is held.
  2. Speak to the Rebellion to enter Elumina's Quarters.
  3. Eisen, not recognizing Eliumina as a legitimate Illusion member, reveals that true members whoof Illusion has a chip implanted into them in order to detect fellow members.
  4. As Revenge, Eliumina plans to use Eisen's Chip to create a tracker and needs 7326.png 10 Fluorescent Liquid, 7110.png 10 Broken Sword and some Modules.
  5. Rookie asks us to procure the other two materials while he's in change of obtaining the modules.
  6. Return to Eliumina with the components to build the tracker
  7. Elena asks us to go with Est to track down the Illusion Members.
  8. Head to the Dining Room (same building) and talk to Est ba_in0151157 who suggests beginning the operation at night when the intruders are at their most active.
  9. Talk to Est to begin the Garden at Dusk Instance.

Garden at Dusk Instance

  1. Talk to Est and follow the road heading south-east
  2. Defeat the Heart Hunters and Talk to Est.
  3. With the Tracker active, follow the marker which leads you to a group of Heart Hunters.
  4. Est asks to escort Almond as she goes to repair some repeaters.
  5. Interact with Almond to start the Escort and when she asks to see the tracker.
  6. Defeat the Heart Hunters and Interact with the Intruder who will then calls for two Elite Bellare as he escapes.
  7. Interact with Almond after defeating the Elites to repair the tampered repeater.
  8. When the Heart Hunters run away, Talk to the Intruder left behind.
  9. Return to Almond once the Intruder leaves.
  10. Est asks us to go after the intruder, proceed to head west and talk to the Rebellion across the bridge.
  11. Head to 1@bamn33221 and enter the Airship Depot.
  12. Get near Straggler who will then attack you.
  13. Defeat Sweetie and after talking to Est, enter the exit portal.
  14. Return to the Servant's Quarters ba_maison101321 and talk to Est.
  15. Return to the Airship Depot ba_maison33222 and Talk to Smart Elly ba_in0127266

A Guest from the Capital

  1. Leave the Depot and Talk to Crux.
    • Choosing to Depart Later will have Crux wait for you at ba_in0148146
  2. The scene unfolds as Nihil is crowned as the new King of Rune Midgard.
  3. Head to the office prt_cas320267 to speak with King Nihil.
  4. After talking to King Nihil, you may choose to wander around all the corridors and rooms in this private area that you might not ever get to see again. After all, how many Geneticists get to say that they brewed their potions while in the King's private garden? Or took screenshots of them laying in the King's bed with that special bedding costume?
  5. Main Story Completed

Side Quest

Be Quiet in the Library

  1. Talk to Tamarin ba_maison71145 to start the conversation.
  2. Dew realizing that he smells bad from falling into the sewer suddenly jumps into a nearby fountain ba_maison83111
  3. Mansion Managr Beta shows up to warn them that they will be kicked out if they incur enough violations.
  4. Everyone except Dew was curious about the library and decided to go there.
  5. Head inside the Library ba_maison197103.
  6. Surprised by the fire, Magie extinguishes the flames.
  7. The Library Manager relits the fire, explaining that the Master set this up to keep visitors away from the dangerous monsters inside the library.
  8. After the Manager leaves, the team puts out the fire and enters the main Library.
  9. Register with the Library Manager Beta ba_lib15718 who asks if the other visitors had registered.
  10. Dew asks us to tell the ones who went ahead to come back to register.
    1. Mark ba_lib8484
    2. Tamarin ba_lib97207
    3. Maggie ba_lib112265
    4. Oliver ba_lib198234
    5. Alph ba_lib292234
  11. Return to the Library Manager

Farm Guide

  1. Talk to Ruinan ba_maison311206 and listen to her instructions on how to harvest the Pitaya Tails
  2. Ruinan tells you that a guide robot is only required to accompany us when harvesting since it's a difficult task.
  3. It seems that harvesting work is urgent, as well as feeding Boss Meow.
  4. After listening to the guide and precautions, we are now allowed to enter the farm.

Talk to Sweetie

  1. Talk to Almond ba_in0128255 in the Airship Depot.
  2. Talk to Sweetie.

Flower Garden Access Permission

  1. Move to ba_maison119319 and a Flower Garden Entry Manager will show up.
  2. Choose to self-verify and enter the instance.
  3. Interact with the nearby hologram and touch the screen.
  4. If the pattern fails, keep retrying
  5. Due to your time traveling adventures, the manager detects the mana signature of their master on you.
  6. After explaining the possible reason, the manager has decided to assign you as the temporary admin and requests a name designation of your choosing.
  7. [Insert_Name_Here] requests for your assessment of the various areas of the garden.
  8. Later on you'll need to kill a few Aliots. Afterwards, talk to her and select every option.
  9. Eventually she leads you to Sigma, who appears in the guide of Barmund/Varmundt.
  10. Keep following Sigma who asks you to tell the other two Red Peppers; Kappa and Lambda that Barmund is still alive to stop them from attempting to shut the laboratory down.
  11. After asking several questions through every option, Lambda is revealed to be listening in and is approaching the research area.
  12. Talk to Sigma who evacuates you outside.

Tartaros Storage 2

Legacy of the Wise One
Base Level: 160
Quest Prerequisite(s): Illusion
Base Experience: 1,578,025
Quest Reward(s): 1000103.png 15 Barmeal Ticket
  1. Talk to Tweet ba_2whs0115151.
  2. Defeat 5 Broken Omega Cleaner.
  3. Go to ba_2whs01275290 to check the source of the noise in the basement.
  4. Report to Tweet and get the key to open the doors to the stairs.
  5. Tweet tells you to find the three emergency keys hidden around the area.
  6. Move close to the Globe at ba_2whs01110218 to get the first key.
  7. The second key is at the Cold Storage ba_2whs0115282.
  8. The last key is hidden in a vent at ba_2whs01221257
  9. Return to the stairway door ba_2whs01275290 and make your way down to the basement.
  10. Go to the source of the noise ba_2whs0236311.
  11. Talk to the Head identified as T2WH-0448.
  12. T2WH-0448 asks you to help it build a body
  13. Collect Robot Parts at ba_2whs023250, ba_2whs0212981 and ba_2whs02240124 More than one attempt to eollcet the part may be needed at each location. The Robot Part appears in your inventory when successfully collected.
  14. Return to Head with the parts.
  15. Report to Tweet.

Floating Garden

  1. Talk to Renshiz ba_pw0241267 who considers Eliumina as an Intruder.
  2. Eliumina saved by Rookie after falling into the sewage, starts feeling ill.
  3. Talk to Need ba_maison170270 who directs you to the Floating Garden to procure an ingredient for the cure.
  4. Talk to Sayhue ba_maison23947 for permission to enter the garden to get Silva Papila Leaves.
  5. Sayhue agrees in exchange of doing tasks that has stalled due to the intruders.
  6. After entering the instance, enter the portal to the right and speak to the Gardener.
    • After entering battle, stay clear from the Lilypads and kill all the blue Papilas.
  7. Enter the portal appearing to the right and talk to the Gardener.
    • Papilas will spawn on any of the squares and will cast Earth Strain in a cross pattern.
  8. Continue until you reach the flower maze, defeat the two Papilas found on the Upper and Lower part of the Maze and then enter the Portal to at the upper left.
  9. Talk to the Gardener who will lure the Silva Papila.
    • During the fight, You will lose 50% of your health and teleported a short distance away.
    • A Poison Field will spawn a few seconds on the spot you landed on.
  10. Talk to the Gardener to exit the Instance.
  11. Give the Silva Papilia to Sayhue to produce an antidote.
  12. Give Eliumina the antidote.

Searching the Bathhouse

  1. Talk to Rubber ba_in0138239.
  2. Once inside, look for Rubber ba_bath16544
  3. Head to the boiler room and talk to Boiler ba_bath28667
  4. You encounter Rookie ba_bath27093 who asks you to go to the lake.
  5. Return to Rubber ba_bath16544.
  6. Rookie tells you that that was not him and asks you to go with him to the lounge.
  7. Talk to Rookie ba_bath20458 at the lounge, he hands you Freezing Traps to be set at the corners of the bathhouse
  8. Head to the following locations to set traps:
    1. ba_bath5355
    2. ba_bath305121
    3. ba_bath22276
    4. ba_bath154305
  9. Go to ba_bath286297 where an Abnormal Creature will appear.
  10. The creature transforms into quiet Goni, but easily gets caught after making the mistake of talking.
  11. The creature reveals itself to be a mermaid named Princess, after explaining her circumstances and settling an agreement, the situation is resolved.

Cleaner Robot Omega

  1. In the building leading to the Sewage Treatment Plant, talk to Cleaner Robot Omega ba_in0122326.
  2. Wait a bit and then offer to help.

Monsters List

Name Level HP Def Mdef Size Element Race Appears in
Placeholder 122 - - - Medium Poison 2 Human Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus)

Equipments List

For a complete list of the equipments and modules you can go to the following page: