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Refers to episodic 17.1-related content. For the smaller mini-content dungeons, see Illusion Dungeons.


Illusion Main.png

Another name for the Episode 17.1 updates.

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Main Quest

Starting the Illusion Quest

Base Level: 110
Quest Prerequisite(s): Terra Gloria
Base Experience: Multiple
Job Experience: Multiple
Item(s): Multiple
Event Notice

This follows right after the Werner Lab raid as the Rebellion continue their investigation.

  1. Proceed to Einbech and go to the front of the Clana Nemieri Rebel base.
  2. Talk to the Rebellion Crew einbech21880 who's standing outside the entrance. He tells you of the Rebellion's new base expansion and gives you coordinates to the new building in Einbroch.
  3. Head to Einbroch secret pub in the northeast corner, Cat on Bullet einbroch302328.
  4. Enter the Cat on Bullet and look for Philopontes pub_cat93105 (Tes) in the north-eastern-most room. He tells you about the information they gathered from the Werner Lab raid. The players new task will be investigating a nearby abandoned mine. (A navi for "Rudus" is provided, but the navi command doesn't detect the new maps yet)
  5. Walk one north and one east of Einbroch to find a Rebellion Member ein_fild05156288 on lookout there at the entrance to Rudus. (do not wing, just walk along the rail).
  6. Enter Rudus by talking to the Rebellion Member.
    Rebel guarding entrance to Rudus
    • Rudus Dungeon will now be freely accessible by talking to this NPC.

Rudus Investigation

Base Level: 110
Hunting: Dolor
Twin Caputs
Base Experience: 800,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: ?? Job EXP
Item(s): 25723.png 15 Cor Core
Quest Reward(s): My Name is Morning
Access to Rudus Dungeon:
- Laboratory Waste Disposal Plant Rudus Floor 1
- Laboratory Waste Disposal Plant Rudus Floor 2
- Laboratory Waste Disposal Plant Rudus Floor 3

Entering this map immediately grants the player access to all 3 floors of Rudus Dungeon, and My Name is Morning since Teleport is allowed inside.

  1. Talk to Elena Volkova near the mining facility entrance on the inside. She says the investigation will take longer than expected after the discovery of a suspiciously-erected wall.
  2. Talk to Rookie sp_rudus193284 located directly south of Elena. He tells the player their progress is blocked by a large 3-layer door and needs help investigating it. He tasks the player to investigate around the wall for other means of entry. They're all given yellow + marks on the mini-map.
    • Wall on the Railroad - Rebellion Member sp_rudus304266 to the East. He deduces that the wall was built after the refinery was no longer under operation after noticing how it cuts across the railroad instead of around it.
    • Watchtower - Rebellion Member sp_rudus121286 to the West. He says that the pillar beside the wall was actually a watchtower after climbing it and mentions that he noticed lots of movement on the other side of the wall.
    • Small Hole - Notice a Small Hole sp_rudus27300 along the western edge of the map that looks like it was made my a small animal.
  3. Report the findings back to Rookie. Meanwhile, Rookie was able to unlock the door but discovered it was designed with a weird mechanism: someone has to keep holding the button to keep it open. He points out that the odd design was probably meant to contain what was on the other side, as he has only ever seen similar mechanics used in prisons and penitentiaries.
  4. Ominous Noise is heard from the other side of the door. Since Rookie has to stay behind, the player is asked to investigate instead. Hunt:
  5. Report the presence of monsters back to Rookie who confirms that the wall was designed for containment of those monsters as he expected.
  6. Walk north to relay all the uncovered info back to Captain Elena Volkova and the player is rewarded with 800,000 Base EXP (in two bundles of 400,000), ?? Job EXP, and 15 Cor Core.
  7. Report back to Tes at the Cat on a Bullet Cat Cafe in Einbroch. After explaining everything to him, he thinks it may be a secret dump site for failed test subjects.

Learning about Morning

  1. The player discovers a small child while in Rudus dungeon.
  2. The child doesn't say anything so the player investigates around the area to find out why. Notice a nearby pile of junk sp_rudus124195 and Dig through it.
  3. The junk pile reveals a letter introducing us to Morning

Securing Regenschirm

Base Level: 110
Hunting: Sorrow Crob
Base Experience: 500,000 Base EXP
Job Experience: ?? Job EXP
Item(s): 25669.png 25 Mysterious Component
  1. Tes tells the player of an unexpected guest in the back room. Proceed to the back room by talking to the Rebellion Retiree (104/106) who is standing to the right of Tes, nearby.
  2. The player meets Kaya Tos (Middle-aged Gentleman), Aas(Senior Rekenber Guard) , and Est Loveroy. Long dialogue follow explaining that Rekenber's annex lab, Regenschirm, was occupied by assailants that looked like Heart Hunters under the command of someone named Chelin, a former captain of rekenber's security team.
  3. Talk to Middle-aged Gentleman Kaya. He request that you help Est in reclaiming the lab.
  4. Go to the left-hand building at Rekenber's Lighthalzen HQ and speak to Republic Guard lighthalzen56270, where Aas' Rekenber Guards and Est will be preparing.
  5. Talk to Rekenber Guard Oscar to enter the building (Instance) to hunt Sorrow Crob

Regenschirm Instance

This instance must be completed in 1 hour.

  1. Upon entering the laboratory, the player is once again blocked by another door, this time with a nearby control panel. Aas can open the door and realizes that she can also support the player through the system by using the same control panel. When ready, talk to her to proceed to other side of the door.
  2. Just as Aas instructed, the player needs to make their way to the inner hallway through the cafeteria. Once inside, head left and proceed through the 2nd doorway. This goes up a straight flight of stairs to the employees' cafeteria.
    The room is highly populated with Traitors (dressed as Heart Hunters) but it is not necessary to eliminate all of them.
  3. You'll find 3 Researchers in the cafeteria being held captive. Eliminate the Traitors to set them free.
  4. Once the area is clear, communicate with Aas by using the Access Controller near the large door. One of the Researchers will offer to help open the door for the player since biometrics data is required
  5. While inside the main hallway, fight through groups of Fatal Pompoms and Traitors and head straight along the path to a series of rooms on the other end of the hallway and then to the south. All the Fatal Pompoms in this vicinity must be killed to enter the portals.
  6. Talk to Detained Researchers in each of the 3 rooms.
  7. When trying to enter the 4th room, a message is broadcasted asking for support to come to the lecture room.
  8. Find the lecture room beside the cafeteria door entrance by proceeding north through the nearby hallway. The rebellion have locked themselves inside to protect themselves from the Poison Gas.
    • Eliminate all the Poison Gas monsters outside both doors of the lecture hall to proceed
  9. After all the gas is gone, Est will call out to the player. Talk to Est in the northern end of the lecture hall.
  10. She instructs the player to relay a message to Aas by using a given code on any nearby communication device. Luckily, there's one device beside the blackboard nearby. Use Code 0315 (can vary?)
  11. After connecting to Aas, ask her to open entrance to personal research rooms.
  12. Aas mentions to go check the Guard's Waiting Room (4th room at the end of the hallway from earlier). You'll find Aas who has found the spare master key.(235/44)
  13. Head to Central Meeting Room (125/157) at the main inner hallway. Re-unite with Est and Goni. it seems empty
  14. Speak to Aas who appeared to enter and check the inside of central meeting room.
  15. Walk north to find Restrained Test Subject.
  16. Investigate the Controllers around the central room in the following order. Press the Color of the Button that matches the color of the light displayed by restrained subject (?).
    1. Top Right Panel = Blue
    2. Bottom Left Panel = Red
    3. Bottom Right Panel = White
    4. Controller beside Top Left door = Yellow
  17. Fight Test Subject, Sorrow Crob (MVP). She has 3.5m hp and casts Firebolt.
  18. Aas finally makes her way inside just as the fight ends. She's relieved to find the player okay and offers to let the player go ahead while she cleans up. She will offer 3 options:
    • Einbroch
    • Lighthalzen(warps outside Instance directly infront of Guard Oscar)
    • Look around some more
  19. Outside the instance, return to the Cat on a Bullet in Einbroch and find Tes who has been worried for some time because Est came back alone.
  20. Report to the details of what happened at Regenschirm and Receive 500,000 Base Exp and 400,000 job Exp twice, and 25 Mysterious Component.

Data Obtained from the Lab

  1. After finding a pile of documents in the Guard's Waiting Room while inside Regenschirm, Aas requests the player to deliver the documents to Tes so he may investigate them.
  2. At the Cat on a Bullet, hand over the documents to Tes and the player receives 200,000 Base and Job Exp

Investigating Rekenber

  1. Go to the room behind Wilde NPC (Clothed like Rogue Job Sprite) and talk to Rage (106/69) (Lazy/Heron) there who is arguing with Kaya about the Rekenber investigation report and if it's trustworthy or not.
  2. After Rage moves booths, talk to him again, then talk to Kaya Tos, talk to Rage again (just follow the quest indicator)
    Rage got a list of names of people who've gone missing, but Kaya says that Rekenber has them on rotation and they are still employed. You try to convince them to start a joint investigation and get dragged into being the impartial witness.
    Receive 300,000 Base and Job EXP after finished talking.
  3. The team agreed to meet at Einbroch airport. Meet Rage einbroch42208 who is sitting on a bench west of the airport entrance.
  4. After the story about how and who to investigate, you will be teleported to Lighthalzen, follow the quest mark in minimap and talk to Rage lighthalzen259215 near the Slums entrance.
  5. You will be teleported to the slums with activated Navi, follow the path northeast and talk to Rage. "Patsy" has apparently been sending money back to his parents without writing any letters, and allegedly used all his vacation time despite promising his family he'd visit on his first vacation. Receive 300,000 Base and Job EXP.
  6. Now you will be teleported out of the slums, Navi will direct you to Rage in front of Rekenber entrance, talk to him
  7. Enter the Rekenber office, talk to the first employee you encounter, she should have quest indicator
  8. In this part, you will move around the office, don't forget to click blue texts to automatically activate Navi and make it easier
  9. Talk to second employee lhz_in01163258 then go out of the office and go to Regenschirm lighthalzen53277
  10. Enter Regenschirm, go right, and talk to Labstaff behind the easternmost desk in 1st floor
  11. Go to bottom left room and talk to Sammy(employee) (blue text for "sammy" and "back" from previous chat box does not trigger Navi on this map)
  12. Go back to Rekenber Office (again, blue text does not work on this map) and talk to Secretary with quest indicator, behind the left stairset lhz_in0180210
  13. Go to the document's archive (blue text will trigger Navi)lhz_in0133263. Now you will be instructed to go to ein_fild0195146. It is faster to warp into Einbroch and then go north-east-north
  14. Speak to Kaya Tos in Ein Field 1 ein_fild0195146 and receive 20 Cor Core and 600,000 Base and Job EXP.

Old Memories

  1. Go back to Cat on Bullet and speak with Philopontes, he will instruct you to go to ein_fild03278269(1 north 1 west from Einbroch) and speak with Rebellion Member there
  2. You will proceed to investigate the area, just follow the Navi system to get to the specific coordinates
  3. You will forced to go back talking with Rebellion Member (Receive 100,000 Base and Job EXP), open the gate to prepare the OS instance, then choose enter to go in
  4. Inside, talk with Ridsh, the Three Rebellion Lady will appear and some monster, kill it and click the Pipe NPC right of you, choose Destroy It to proceed.
  5. Follow the rail until you find Dien, talk to Dien and talk to the black portal, then take a detour until you find an opening to the north, search the area for cable and click all of it
  6. Back to following the rail until you find Dien and Cotness, walk to the East until you find Ridsh, Erst will come and you must proceed through the portal
  7. Try to reach the quest mark in the minimap, you will fight some moster along the way, and you will reach the Three Rebellion Lady and Erst
  8. Talk to Dien, and she will Instruct you to get her lucky charm back in Clana Nemieri. Receive 25 Mysterious Component and 600,000 Base and Job EXP.
  9. Go to Clana Nemieri, talk to the Rebellion at rebel_in6841, then go into Dien's room, and find her lucky charm as Dien's Envelope.
  10. Go back to OS and talk to Dien and you will be teleported to Cor. Receive 200,000 Base EXP and 100,000 Job EXP.

Helping the Workers

  1. Talk to Erst, then walk a bit north and talk to advance party
  2. Talk to Kaya Tos, Then talk to Philopontes, The team will prompt to go to a safety place (blue text not working), its the middle quest mark in minimap
  3. Talk to Philopontes, then Aas will like to talk to Kaya Tos privately, walk a bit northeast and talk to Aas

Capturing Eliumina

  1. Rebellion will intervene after you talk to Aas, so talk to that Rebellion on the new quest mark in minimap, a bit southwest from your position. Keep talking and receive 300,000 Base and Job EXP.
  2. Elena will appear, talk to her and proceed to the new quest mark in minimap (blue text doesn't work here)
  3. Talk to Elena three times, first to trigger the quest, second to create instance, and third to enter it
  4. Talk to Elena inside the instance, 4 quest mark will appear, go to the two of them of your choice, after finishing 2 of them, new one quest mark will appear
  5. Go to that new quest mark and talk to Elena, she will open a portal to next area
  6. You have to fight the boss, EL1-A17T, defeat it then the Rebellion will appear with caught Eliumina
  7. Talk to Elena to go out, and then talk to Elena again outside. Receive experience: about 200,000 Base EXP; 300,000 and 300,000 and 250,000 Job EXP. Also receive 1 Damaged Weapon and 5 Cor Cores.
  8. A new quest mark will appear in minimap, go there and talk to Gonie
  9. Talk to Rookie to trigger a long scene, and then the team agreed to enter the Varmundt Mansion through the waterway (blue text doesn't work)
  10. Go to the new quest mark in minimap and talk to Rookie. Receive experience 3 times, 400,000 Job EXP each. Also receive about 300,000 Base EXP.

This is the end of Illusion Episode Questline.

Side Quests

Finding Patrick

Kaya asks to talk to the adventurer. He asks whether the adventurer also thinks of this place as an illegal lab. he talks about the relation of missing people in the list to this area, and asks us to go look for Patrick Kaufman

  1. Talk to nearby workers and ask if pats was there. everyone was re-assigned
  2. Talk to researcher near the farm sp_cor22477. turns out he was just there to grow super vegetables for animal food research
  3. He recommends you talk to the laundry manager sp_cor151180 who knows most of the people there and has been around longer.
  4. The laundry worker turns out to be Marcus Holtzman from lighthalzen. Ask him about Eva Meuler. You give him a chance to write a letter for his worried fiance. Afterwards, ask him about Patrick.
  5. Pats was also here but was a cleaner. Marcus says the only place left that the player can look for data about him is at the incineration plant
    • Receive 300,000 Base and Job EXP.
  6. Talk to the incineration plant Worker sp_cor70263 who is sorting documents at the northwest corner of the map. He doesn't know Patrick Kaufman, only Patrick Young. He mentions any other waste from the lab could've been moved out to an external site, including special cargo that could have been people.
    Proceed to the Laboratory Waste Disposal Site, Rudus Dungeon.
  7. Now at Rudus. Not knowing where to start, try searching Suspicious Trace close by, to the east of the entrance. While searching, suspicious voices are heard.
  8. Follow the voices to an Abandoned Person at sp_rudus15280. Turns out she was a researcher whose lab blew up, which coated her in chemicals and disfiguring her. She confesses that they have been experimenting on people and that they are connected to the numerous disappearances throughout schwartz. Ask her about Patrick Kaufman.
  9. Fearing that he may already be dead, go look for Pats' Test Subject Identification Bracelet.
    Search through suspicious traces around the map (there are 5-6 areas). location seems random:
    • sp_rudus55137
    • sp_rudus3646
    • sp_rudus221165
    • sp_rudus124195
    • sp_rudus332235
    • sp_rudus364134
  10. Return to Kaya Tos at sp_cor136146 and show him the bracelet. The player receives 600,000 Base and Job EXP and 20 Cor Core.
  11. He asks the player for a favor, and relays them to Aas

To Rudus

  1. Talk to Aas. She asks us to give rest to 20 Dolors, and bring back 10 Test Subject Identification Bracelets.
    The bracelets are obtained received directly into inventory from Dolors.
  2. Return to Aas. receive 225000 base exp ?? job exp 1 Cor Core, 5 machine Component
    • To Rudus repeatable quest is available now.

OS Occupation

this map is still a work-in-progress

This section still needs a proper guide but I'm adding a map for now. The map itself will be updated too once I can confirm stuff later

Monsters List

Name Level HP Def Mdef Size Element Race Appears in
Dolor 122 - - - Medium Poison 2 Human Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus)
Venenum 123 - - - Medium Poison 2 Brute Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus),
Cor Memorial
Twin Caput 125 - - - Medium Shadow 2 Human Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus)
Mutant Dolor 173 - - - Medium Poison 3 Brute Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus2),
High Hunter Bellare 165 - - - Medium Neutral 3 Human Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus2),
Cor Memorial
High Hunter Sanare 168 - - - Medium Shadow 3 Angel Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus2)
Plaga 164 - - - Medium Neutral 2 Dragon Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus2)
R48-85-Bestia (MVP) 174 8,885,000 - - Large Neutral 4 Brute Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus2)
Mutant Twin Caput 175 - - - Medium Shadow 2 Human Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus3)
Mutant Venenum 176 - - - Medium Neutral 3 Human Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus3)
Mutant Plaga 178 - - - Medium Neutral 3 Dragon Rudus Dungeon (sp_rudus3)
E-EA1-L 116 - - - Medium - - Cor Memorial
E-EA2-S 117 - - - Medium - - Cor Memorial
E-13EN0 118 - - - Medium - - Cor Memorial
EL1-EA17T (MVP) 118 16,412,000 - - Large Neutral 3 Formless Cor Memorial
Heart Hunter Bellare 120 - - - Medium - Human (sp_os),
Cor Memorial
Heart Hunter Sanare 120 - - - Medium - Angel (sp_os)
A103-Capute - - - - Medium - Human 2nd OS Search
Miguel (MVP) - Varies - - Medium Wind 4 Human OS Occupation,
2nd OS Search
Traitor (Heart Hunter) - - - - - - - Regenschirm Instance
Fatal Pompom - - - - - - - Regenschirm Instance
Sorrow Crob (MVP) 111 3,441,000 - - Medium Neutral 2 Human Regenschirm Instance


  • Some monsters here can break equipment:
    • Miguel MVP casts Bomb (Breaks Weapon)
    • High Hunter Bellare casts Acid Terror (Breaks Armor)
  • Some monsters inside the OS Occupation and Cor Memorial instances have a low chance to drop Mysterious Components and Cor Cores.
  • The 2nd OS Search instance contains variants of Dolors, Heart Hunters Bellare, and Twin Caputs, of varying CP levels ranging from CP1 to CP6. These do not contribute to the daily hunting quests.