Illusion (17.1) Equipment and Enchants

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Refers to the various equipment available through the Illusion questline (episode 17.1).
For gears related to the smaller mini-content dungeons, see Illusion Dungeons and their respective subsections.



Various types of equipment can be exchanged for from Eliumina. All of these can be enchanted and can only be equipped by characters lvl 130 and up.
To call Eliumina, talk to either of the two Rebellion Members near his spot.

OS Weapons

Requires 512.png 1 Broken Weapon and 512.png 50 Mysterious Components.
Eliumina will hand any of these out by random:

Illusion Armor

Requires 512.png 50 Cor Cores.
The player may choose which Illusion armor to receive among the following:



The Rebel member that hands out illusion gear modification modules

To obtain modules for enchanting Illusion gears, talk to the other Rebellion Member beside Eliumina. He provides modules in exchange for the following:

  • For Weapon Modification Permits, exchange 512.png 5 Cor Cores or 1,000,000 Zeny.
    The player may decide between Physical or Magical, but the grade given will be random.
  • For Armor Modification Modules, bring 512.png 30 Mysterious Components and 512.png 5 Cor Core.
    The type of armor Modification Modules received are random.

Weapon Enchants

OS Weapons may be enchanted with options (similar to Vicious Mind Weapons) through the use of Weapon Modification ?modules.
Weapon enchantments come in two categories, Physical or Magical, and each category is further divided by 3 Grades (Normal, High-Grade, Finest).

To enchant a weapon, double click on the Weapon Modification Module in your inventory. This will open a unique enchantment window which displays a list of held weapons that are possible to enchant. Drag the desired weapon to the middle slot and confirm the enchantment by clicking ok.
Enchanting the OS Weapons does not fail and may be re-enchanted more than once by using another Weapon Modification Module directly.

Armor Enchants

Illusion Armor may are given enchants through modules (which take up an enchant slot in the armor similar to cards and regular enchants).

List of available armor enchants:

  • Dex
  • Luk
  • Int
  • Vit
  • MDef
  • Aspd
  • Critical
  • Fixed Cast
  • Above All
  • HP Leech
  • Drain Soul (SP Leech)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ..
This npc mounts the modules to illusion armor

?Talk to RS26 to attach modules to your Illusion armors

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