Illusion Dungeons

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Refers to the small mini-content dungeons. For episodic 17.1-related content, see Illusion.


Illusion Dungeons introduce new single-map dungeons to the game. Each patch usually brings the following features:

  • New questlines and repeatable daily quests.
  • New enchantable Illusion gear which can be crafted from old gear.
  • New cards
  • Adds new monsters, possibly a new mini-boss, and a new MVP. The EXP received from illusion monsters are not affected by base level difference.

Illusion Dungeons

Illusion of Moonlight

Base Level Requirement: 100
A Moonlight Flower's Dream deep inside Payon Cave

Illusion of Moonlight.jpg

Illusion of Vampire

Base Level Requirement: 130
Enter the ancient journal of a Geffen Mage named Bomi

Illusion of Vampire Main.jpg

Illusion of Frozen

Base Level Requirement: 130
A contained time loop deep within the Ice Cave

Illusion of Frozen.jpg

Illusion of Abyss Turtle Island

Base Level Requirement: 150
Venture into the mysterious Illusion of Abyss Turtle Island, where strange happenings are afoot! Gather your courage and your equipment and get ready for a new adventure!


List of all the gear that was added in the Illusion Dungeon updates. The requirements to acquire these items will be listed in the individual dungeon pages.


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Illusion Dungeon Name Type Required Level
Moonlight 16063.png Illusion Long Mace [2] Mace 100
Moonlight 26007.png Illusion Spectral Spear [1] Spear 100
Moonlight 26109.png Illusion Staff of Bordeaux [2] Staff 100
Moonlight 28725.png Illusion Moonlight Dagger [1] Dagger 100
Frozen 1846.png Illusion Combo Battle Glove [2] Fist 1??
Frozen 13337.png Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow [2] Huuma 1??
Vampire 28022.png Illusion Infiltrator [2] Katar 1??
Vampire 28023.png Illusion Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul [2] Katar 1??
Vampire 2039.png Illusion Wizardry Staff [2] Staff 1??
Vampire 18149.png Illusion Ballista [2] Bow 1??
Vampire 28612.png Illusion Book of the Apocalypse [2] Book 1??
Abyss 1141.png Illusion Immaterial Sword Sword 1??
Abyss 1306.png Illusion War Axe Axe 1??
Abyss 1417.png Illusion Pole Axe Spear 1??
Abyss 16065.png Illusion Iron Driver Mace 1??





Illusion Dungeon Name Type Required Level
Moonlight 15195.png Illusion Puente Robe [1] Armor 99
Moonlight 19209.png Illusion Nurse Cap [1] Upper Headgear 99
Moonlight 19210.png Illusion Apple of Archer [1] Upper Headgear 1??
Frozen 19223.png Illusion Cap [1] Upper Headgear 1??
Frozen? 20838.png Illusion Muffler [1] Garment 1??
Frozen 28922.png Illusion Sacred Mission [1] Shield 1??
Frozen? 22133.png Illusion Shoes [1] Shoes 1??
Vampire 20840.png Illusion Ancient Cape [1] Garment 1??
Vampire 28508.png Illusion Skull Ring [1] Accessory 1??
Vampire 28509.png Illusion Ring [1] Accessory 1??
Abyss 2207.png Illusion Fancy Flower Upper Headgear 1??





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Take your illusion gears along with at least 25271.png 5 Illusion Stones to the Illusion Enchanter prontera90115 in Prontera to have them enchanted.