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Illusion of Frozen

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Illusion of Frozen
Base Level: 130
Hunting: Furious Ice Titan, or
Icecicle, or
Furious Gazeti
Base Experience: 2,000,000 (main quest)
500,000 (each daily quest)
Job Experience: 2,000,000 (main quest)
500,000 (each daily quest)
Item(s): 25271.png 3 Illusion Stone
Illusion Gear
Event Notice
Illusion of Frozen.jpg

3rd Illusion Dungeon to arrive on ragnarok online.

Page work-in-progress will continue on this as soon as I break free from this ice

Main Quest

  1. Talk to Vrid and Zeith. You find them frozen in magical ice and they will ask for your help getting free.
  2. They ask you to find 10 512.png Dry Twigs from Heaps of Dry Soil scattered accross the map so that you can attempt starting a small fire to melt the ice.
  3. The next task is randomized for each time loop. You will be tasked to do any one of these:
    Report back to Vrid and Zeith once done.
  4. Attempt to break the ice by hitting Zeith multiple times.
  5. Next break the ice around Vrid by hitting him as well.
  6. They thank you for releasing them and after a short conversation they start to fade away, ending the time loop. You'll find 25271.png 3 Illusion Stone and receive 600,000 Base Exp, and 600,000 Job Exp.

Note: After completing the main quest for the first time, the quest loop becomes repeatable as a daily quest

Illusion Gear

Gemcutter pay_d03_i16045 beside Soldier Junghee will upgrade some gears to illusion gears.

Table still not finalized. New items not yet listed on database.

Gear Ingredients
1822.png Illusion Combo Battle Glove [2]
1822.png +9 Combo Battle Glove [4]
25271.png 100 Illusion Stone
25299.png 100 Snowball
13314.png Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow [2]
13314.png +9 Huuma Fluttering Snow
25271.png 100 Illusion Stone
25300.png 20 Ktullanux's Eye
2227.png Illusion Cap [1]
2227.png Cap [1]
25271.png 50 Illusion Stone
25297.png 100 Frozen Stone Fragment
2509.png Illusion Survivor's Manteau [1]
2509.png +9 Survivor's Manteau
25271.png 100 Illusion Stone
25297.png 200 Frozen Stone Fragment
2128.png Illusion Sacred Mission [1]
2128.png +9 Sacred Mission [1]
25271.png 100 Illusion Stone
25298.png 300 Soul-Contained Gemstone


Main article: Illusion Dungeon Enchants

Monsters List


Name Level HP Def Mdef Base EXP Job EXP Size Element Race
Angry Gazetti 126 - - - - - Medium Water 1 Demon
Angry Snowier 129 - - - - - Large Water 2 Formless
Angry Snow Titan 133 - - - - - Large Water 3 Formless
Solid Icecicle 135 - - - - - Small Water 2 Formless
Angry Ktullanux (MVP) 135 - - - - - Large Water 4 Brute


  • EXP received from Illusion monsters are not affected by base level difference.

Illusion MVP Summoning

Angry Ktullanux can be summoned by touching the 4 ?crystals balls? on the map. He can only be summoned once every 8 hours(verify?).

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