Illusion of Abyss Turtle Island

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Illusion of Abyss Turtle Island
Base Level: 150
Item(s) (Consumed): 7564.png 10 Rotten Meat
Hunting: 10 Ominous Permeter
10 Ominous Solider
10 Ominous Freezer
10 Ominous Heater
Base Experience: 3,600,000 (main quest)
?? (each daily quest)
Job Experience: ?? (main quest)
?? (each daily quest)
Item(s): 25271.png 5 Illusion Stone (main quest)
25271.png 1 Illusion Stone (daily quest)
Craftable Illusion Gear
Event Notice

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Main Quest

  1. Find Knight Aylvar on the southeastern side of the docks in Alberta and agree to help him. He is looking for his friend Leiphen, who had disappeared half a day ago.
    Knight Aylvar needs help looking for his friend
  2. Choose the option to look intently at the piece to get warped away to the illusion dungeon.
  3. Talk the Girl in front of you and ask if she has seen Leiphen. She doesn't know for sure but she can guess two different locations.
    Choose "But I have some questions" to receive the coordinates.
    • An susceptible soldier at the northeast side of the dungeon. You notice that his nails have been obsessively nibbled off. The guy doesn't seem ok.
    • An impatient man near the northwest junction on that floor. He's looking for his daughter.
  4. Continue your search in the next floor.
  5. Talk to a Fragile Woman at the center of the turtle palace. She seems to be very hungry, saying she has been starving for days.
  6. She gives a clue? Following it finally leads you to Archeologist Leiphen tur_d04_i 26/167 on the northwest corner of the palace.
  7. Talk to Leiphen. He's relieved to have also finally met a fellow human. You offer to escort him safely out the dungeon but unfortunately, he's also too hungry to move.
  8. Gather 10 pieces of Rotten Meat and hunt 10 each of:
    • Ominous Permeter
    • Ominous Solider
    • Ominous Freezer
    • Ominous Heater
  9. Bring them back to Professor Leiphen. Unfortunately, he can't eat them because all the meat ends up rotten. He wonders if there are others around who can help, so you tell him about the other "people" you encountered, and he asks you to take him to them.
  10. Make your way back to the starving Fragile Woman and introduce Leiphen to her. At first, Leiphen can't seem to see her, but things get out of hand when the other "people" suddenly appear and start targeting Leiphen. You are both rescued by the Girl you met before and she asks you to meet her back where you first met her.
  11. Head back to the previous floor and talk to the Girl.
  12. Leiphen asks the Girl to tell him about the dungeon, which she reluctantly agrees to do. Talk to her again. She introduces herself as "Narin", an Old Ghost. The other residents in the dungeon are spirits bound there by resentment or by different strong obsessions. Narin's obsession is to save everyone.
  13. After you wrap up your talk with Narin, you and Leiphen agree to leave for now, with a promise to keep coming back for Narin so she won't have to be alone.
    • As a parting gift, Narin will give you 5 Illusion Stones, 3,600,000 Base Exp, and ?? Job Exp.
    • Leave the dungeon through the red light beside her and you'll find yourself back in Alberta back in front of Knight Aylvar once again.
  14. Talk to Aylvar to discuss what happened.
    • Daily quest is now available (cooldown already active)

Daily Quests

Illusion Gear

This guy researches equipment

An equipment researcher alberta???? can craft illusion gears.
To craft, he needs you to bring a base item pre-refined to +9, some 25271.png Illusion Stones and other crafting ingredients obtained from the dungeon.
Warning: Any existing upgrade levels, cards, and enchants on the base item will be lost during crafting.

Gear Ingredients
13469.png Illusion Immaterial Sword [2]
1141.png +9 Immaterial Sword
25271.png 100 Illusion Stones
512.png 50 Ship's Logs
1326.png Illusion War Axe [2]
1306.png +9 War Axe [1]
25271.png 100 Illusion Stones
512.png 200 Black Pieces of Soul
32005.png Illusion Pole Axe [2]
1417.png +9 Pole Axe [1]
25271.png 100 Illusion Stones
512.png 200 Black Pieces of Soul
13338.png Illusion Wing Shuriken [2]
13300.png +9 Wing Shuriken
25271.png 100 Illusion Stones
512.png 200 Old Turtle Shells
16065.png Illusion Iron Driver [2]
1529.png +9 Iron Driver
25271.png 100 Illusion Stones
512.png 200 Old Turtle Shells
19247.png Illusion Fancy Flower [1]
2207.png +9 Fancy Flower
25271.png 50 Illusion Stones
512.png 50 Pretty Old Doll


Main article: Illusion Dungeon Enchants

Monsters List

Name Level HP Def MDef Base EXP Job EXP Size Element Race Location
Ominous Assaulter 160 592,508 - - 54,213 - Small Wind Demon tur_d04_i
Ominous Permeter 157 508,355 - - 50,806 - Small Neutral Brute tur_d03_i
Ominous Freezer 159 549,071 - - 54,892 - Small Water Brute tur_d04_i
Ominous Heater 162 527,390 - - 52,699 - Small Fire Brute tur_d04_i
Ominous Solider 161 592,310 - - 59,190 - Small Earth Brute tur_d03_i
Ominous Turtle General (MVP) 165 - - - - - Large Earth Brute tur_d04_i (Summoned)


  • EXP received from Illusion monsters are not affected by base level difference.

Illusion MVP Summoning

The Ominous Turtle General Spawns at tur_d04_i when a large quantity of Ominous Assaulters, Ominous Heaters, Ominous Freezers, Ominius Soliders, and Ominous Permeters are defeated. He will spawn on top of the final turtle killed and a game message will be broadcasted across the whole map.

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