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Teleport.png Teleport
Teleport Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 2, fixed
SP Cost: 11 − Skill Level
Cast Delay: ASPD
Target: Self
(Acolyte & Super Novice) Ruwach Lv. 1

Teleport (Alt: Teleportation) is a 1st class active skill available as Acolyte and Super Novice.


Warps the user to a different location instantly.

Level Available Destinations SP Cost
1 Random in Map 10
2 Random in Map + Save Point 9



Bestowed from

In other servers

  • On twRO and mRO's free servers, the SP Cost of this skill is 500.
  • On idRO and bRO's free servers, this skill is completely removed from the skill tree. Creamy Card are also unavailable.