Super Novice Expansion Quest

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Super Novice Expansion Quest
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 99
Job Class: Super Novice
Zeny: 100,000+
Hunting: 1000 Poring, Lunatic, Fabre, or Picky
Item(s): 1 Novice Breastplate or 1 Undershirt
Quest Reward(s): Base & Job Level Limits Raised to 200/70
Select Second Class Skills Unlocked
  1. Head to Al De Baran and go to the Windmill building in the southwest region of the map aldebaran11663. Enter the room to the left and talk to Esseray.
  2. He will ask you to perform some tasks.
  3. Go to the northern Comodo Dungeon beach_dun211992 and locate a Novice named Nodor sitting on the end of the pier there who wants you to prove yourself to him. He tasks you with hunting 1000 Porings, Lunatics, Fabres, or Pickies.
  4. Return to Nodor, who tells you to visit his brother Nudor on the domestic Airship airplane3347. You may need to wait a while before he proceeds to tell you about his brother.
  5. Donate at least 100,000 Zeny to Nudor.
    • Note: The given amount may affect the equip reward.*
  6. Return to Nodor, who congratulates you, and:
    • The player's Job Level will be reset to 1, and an additional 49 skill points can be earned up to Job Level 50. This also resets the player's Job Bonuses, which will revert back to +5 on all stats upon attaining Job Level 50. In addition, several Second Class job skills can now be learned by the player and will appear in a "2nd Job" tab in the skill window.
    • The player's Base Level will remain 99, but the limit will be raised. Stats can also be raised up to 120, similar to Third Classes.
    • Gives you 1 Novice Breastplate [1] or 1 Undershirt.

*For 1,000,000 or 10,000,000 Zeny, it rewards the Novice Set (Shoes, Manteau, Breastplate, Shield, Armlet, and the Super Novice Hat)

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