Fire Ball

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Fire Ball.png Fire Ball
Fire Ball Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10, fixed
SP Cost: 25
Cast Time: 1.5/1.0 seconds
Cast Delay: 1.5/1.0 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 5x5
Property: Fire
(Mage & Super Novice) Fire Bolt Lv. 4

Fire Ball (Alt: Fire Ball) is a 1st class offensive skill available as Mage and Super Novice.


Shoots a fire ball at a single target to inflict Fire property magic damage to all enemies within its area of effect. Enemies at the edge of the area will take 75% of the damage.

Level Damage (MATK) Cast Time Cast Delay
1 160% 1.5s 1.5s
2 180%
3 200%
4 220%
5 240%
6 260% 1.0s 1.0s
7 280%
8 300%
9 320%
10 340%


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