Increase HP Recovery

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Increase HP Recovery.png Increase HP Recovery
Increase HP Recovery Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10

Increase HP Recovery (Alt: Increase Recuperative Power) is a 1st class passive skill available as Swordman and Super Novice.


Enables the natural recovery of additional HP every 10 seconds while the user is not moving. This skill also increases the effectiveness of Healing Items (HP).

Level HP Recovery H. Item Bonus
Base Regen Rec. Bonus
1 5 0.2% 10%
2 10 0.4% 20%
3 15 0.6% 30%
4 20 0.8% 40%
5 25 1.0% 50%
6 30 1.2% 60%
7 35 1.4% 70%
8 40 1.6% 80%
9 45 1.8% 90%
10 50 2.0% 100%


  • The increased effectiveness of Healing Items is cumulative with the increase gained from VIT.
  • No HP is restored if normal HP regeneration is not permitted (i.e. the user is overweight).
  • HP will be replenished as long as the user does not move itself from whatever cell it is located at. This means if they attack a monster for twenty seconds while staying on the same cell, some of their HP will be restored twice.


  • This skill contributes to the survivability of Swordman classes; it gives them the ability to restore large amounts of HP from consuming potions to outlive many other classes, or to further prevail in tanking difficult monsters.