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Napalm Beat

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Napalm Beat.png Napalm Beat
Napalm Beat Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10, fixed
SP Cost: 9~18
Cast Time: 0.6 seconds
Cast Delay: 1~0.5 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 3x3
Property: Ghost

Napalm Beat (Alt: Napalm Beat) is a 1st class offensive skill available as Mage and Super Novice.


Strikes at a single target with psychokinetic energy to inflict Ghost property magic damage to all enemies within the area of effect. This damage spreads equally between all affected enemies.

Level Damage (MATK) Cast Delay SP Cost
1 80% 1.0s 9
2 90%
3 100%
4 110% 0.9s 12
5 120%
6 130% 0.8s
7 140% 15
8 150% 0.7s
9 160% 0.6s
10 170% 0.5s 18


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