Enlarge Weight Limit

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Enlarge Weight Limit.png Enlarge Weight Limit
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10

Enlarge Weight Limit (Alt: Enlarge Weight Limit) is a 1st class passive skill available as Merchant and Super Novice.


Enhances Weight Limit.

Level Wgt. Limit Bonus
1 200
2 400
3 600
4 800
5 1,000
6 1,200
7 1,400
8 1,600
9 1,800
10 2,000

Kafra Shop Version

The Kafra Shop version of this skill is essentially the same. The only difference being each level is purchased with a Gym Pass, and a nearby NPC will teach the holder a level of this skill. The Kafra Shop version does stack with the original, thus on Merchant class characters, their Weight Limit can be increased by 4,000 total, above their original.