Swordman Training Quest

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Swordman Training Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: None
Job Class: Swordman
Base Experience: ?
Job Experience: ?
Item(s): Muffler, Scimiter

1. Go into the Swordman Association building (52,140) in Izlude. At the bottom right corner is an armored gentleman named Shurank izlude_in81163, talk to him. The first thing he wants you to do is master the skill Bash.

2. Get level 10 Bash before coming back and talk to him again. For mastering the skill, he'll give you a Muffler.

3. Next he'll send you on a quest to help someone named Dequ'ee in Geffen investigate a murder (geffen 154,143). When you talk to Dequ'ee choose: Murderer..., Who he is..., What are we...

He'll give you something to tell Shurank in Izlude. "We haven't found out who the murderer is for sure. However, we have a list of suspects and we'll figure it out soon." He'll then proceed to warp you back to Izlude.

4. Shurank will request you to learn Provoke up to level five. For this, you'll get experience.

5. He then asks you to learn Endure. Getting at least Endure Level 1 is necessary.

6. After learning Endure, Shurank once again asks you to go to Geffen to talk to Dequ'ee.

7. Talk to Dequ'ee, and he'll send you on a mission to Morroc, where you're to investigate four people named Muetro, Geil, Hans, and Bankley. You'll then be warped to one map north of Morroc.

The locations for the four NPCs are as follows:

  • Note: Use "/where" to find your current coordinates.
  • Geil: Inside the Southern Morroc Inn (morroc 197,66), lower left room morocc_in51100.
  • Bankley: Inside the lower left building at the convergence of the two paths morocc9868, in the lower left room morocc_in11156.
  • Muetro: Very top of the map on the left side between the top middle and top left portals, next to a tree. morroc82292
  • Hans: Bottom right outside at the convergence of the two paths, across from the Armory and next to a tree. morroc24072

They will each give you a code:

  • Geil: TheisWesomeof
  • Bankley: hekdlfiDrindkelsd
  • Muetro: ConBanfoevidehi
  • Hans: victkleyundncem

9. After you talk to all of them, go back to Geffen and chat with Dequ'ee. The correct order is Geil, Muetro, Hans, Bankley.

10. Go back to Morroc again and keep an eye on Bankley, who's the murderer. You'll be warped to one map north of Morroc again. Of course, you don't get there in time, no matter how fast you go. Bankley is stiff as a board when you arrive.

11. Go back and talk to Dequ'ee again.

12. Go back to Izlude and talk to your friend Shurank again. Once you're done listening to him and all of his lectures, he'll give you a Scimiter.