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An Airship is a flying vessel which traverses the sky and connects certain cities. Before Episode 10.1 (Einbroch), there was an Airship NPC in Juno which allowed instant teleportation to several cities for 1,800 Zeny. The "Airship" may also refer to that NPC.


There are two main Airship routes:

The International route always visits towns in order from left to right. The Domestic route, however, "turns around" upon reaching Lighthalzen and begins traveling the opposite direction until it reaches Hugel and "turns around" again. On the International route, monsters may occasionally attack due to the How the Airship Works Quest.


The airports located in each town charge a 1,200 Zeny fee for boarding, but players may instead choose to spend a Free Ticket for Flyship from the Airship Ticket Quest. A second boarding fee is not needed to switch between the International and Domestic routes at the Juno airport. Because of this, some Acolyte classes /memo the Juno map between the routes so they can use Warp Portal to dodge the boarding fee entirely at the cost of a Blue Gemstone.

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