How the Airship Works Quest

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How the Airship Works Quest
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 576.png 2 Prickly Fruit

7340.png 2 Will of the Darkness

Base Experience: 20,000
Job Experience: 1,000
  1. Board the International route airship (Izlude to Rachel to Juno) (use a Kafra Warp to Izlude, or take the International Boarding route at the Juno airport).
  2. Talk to the Captain Tarlock airplane_01238154 and ask "How does the airship fly?" Pester him once more. Tarlock will ask if you really want to know, answer yes. Then he says it's top secret and only tells you if you help him.
    Then he says about his brother also Airship Captain names Ferlock. Because they work in different airships Tarlock asks you to deliver a letter to him and get his's reply.
  3. Board the Domestic route airship (from Juno to Lighthalzen to Einbroch to Hugel) and find Airship Captain Ferlock airplane236163 (you can switch between the two routes at the Juno airport without having to pay the boarding fee a second time). Choose "Give him Tarlock's Letter".
    After reading the letter he tells you, that his brothers Tarlock borrowed from him a few things, however, he lost them.
    Ferlock tells you those items were 2 Will of the Darkness and 2 Prickly Fruit and the monsters that drop it can be found on Tarlock's Airship.
    • Note: If you already have the required items in your inventory, you can skip step 4 and proceed straight to step 5.
  4. Go back to International route airship and wait patiently on the deck. Eventually, you will hear an announcement.
    • Note: This happens at a random rate and if you are unlucky, there is a chance that it might not happen for days.
    After this announcement, half of the mobs are killed by Captain Tarlock and will drop nothing. You should try to kill the monsters as fast as possible.
    After 4 minutes, another announcement is made. If you don't clear the monsters by that time, they will die (with no loot). Gremlin and Beholder can also be found in Rachel Sanctuary dungeons after completing the Rachel Sanctuary Quest.
  5. After collecting the items, go back to the Domestic route airship to find Ferlock and give him the items. He gives you Captain's reply.
  6. At the International route airship give the letter to Tarlock. Talk to him until he finishes reading the letter. He finally gives up his secrets about the airship.