Airship Ticket Quest

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Airship Ticket Quest
Base Level: N/A
Item(s): 4 Free Ticket for Flyship

1. Talk to Kain Himere airplane5061 on the Airship to Einbroch. (He's on the lower deck near the gambling tables). Talk to him 3x until he starts crying. Then choose "What's wrong?" and "I have time for a long story." He will tell you a story about his daughter that was lost, then give you a package to deliver to Defra at the Einbroch Hotel.

Kain Himere.png

2. Go to the Einbroch Hotel einbroch252200 and talk to the counter. He will tell you that Defra is in Room #201. Go upstairs throug the upper left portal. There will be a little girl named Elle next to the correct room. When you walk near her she will sing a song. You come into the room and find out that no one's here. You just talk to youself and decide to do some research about Kain's daughter.

When you come out, talk to the Elle. Choose "what are you singing?". She'll asks you to visit her mother Tarsha Cherno in a house behind the hotel.

Elle Cherno.png

3. Walk outside and behind the hotel to the northeast einbroch276233 and enter the house there. Talk to Tarsha Cherno and her husband. They will tell you to look around the house. Look beside Tarsha for "Unidentified Machine" and "Mirror". When you look at the Mirror, you will see reflected a scar on Tarsha. Talk to her and ask her about the scar and follow the story about her father being lost.

Tarsha Cherno.png

4. Go back to the airship and talk to Kain. He will take back the package since it was undeliverable, then choose "mention Miner's Song." He will go through a story and ask you to find a Journal to prove that he's Tarsha's father.

5. Go to Einbech town near the south portal. To the west of the portal is a small area with 2 old ladies standing there einbech47107. Click on trees around there that have a "..." and eventually you will dig up the journal. Read it through, then return to Tarsha.

Tree AirshipTicketQuest.png

6. Return to Tarsha and choose "check her hands". Tarsha will be happy to hear her father is alright and offer you Free Item Repair service. Then she will send you back to talk to Elle (the child in the hotel), and Elle will give you a Doodled Message to give to Kain.

7. Return to Kain in the airship and he will give you 4 Free Ticket for Flyship.