Star Emperor

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Star Emperor
Star Emperor.png
Job Base(s): TaeKwon Master
Job Type: Extended
Job Level: 60
Race: Human
Changes At: Payon
Number of Skills: 20
Total Skill Points: 103
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+10 +8 +4 +3 +9 +3



Job Change Guide

See Star Emperor Job Change Guide.


Generally speaking which Stance you take won't affect the choice of your equip as much since there aren't many choices that boost certain style exclusive. Namely the Noblesse, Imperial and Grace set are the only ones we have that boosts Solar Explosion and Full Moon Kick. The more important factor is whether or not Union is something you have easy access to. Having Union enabled makes crit damage really appealing to all builds with the minor exception to Stellar since attacking at high rate will drain HP down really fast and making it really risky for player to survive with how little HP this class have.


Currently the skills' multiplier is lower than Lunar skills so are the AoE. The skills are much more spammable than Lunar however. The combo delay between Blaze Kick and Solar Explosion is directly influenced by AGI and DEX. Solar Explosion is also the only skill out of the 3 styles that has cast delay which is 0.5 seconds. Optimizing DPS of this style will require high AGI and DEX and some after cast delay reduction.


Lunar skills have high multiplier and big AoE, it's much more recommended for general leveling. New Moon Kick has 1 second fixed cast time and both skills have a 1 second cooldown. First step of optimizing DPS will be trying to get the fixed cast time reduced. Once the cast time is reduced enough, we can mix in Blaze Kick and Solar Explosion. Namely the combo will be Blaze Kick -> New Moon Kick -> Full Moon Kick -> Solar Explosion note that there is an upper cap as to how much AGI/DEX you can have. If AGI/DEX is too high there won't be enough delay to pull off Lunar combo in between Solar combo.

Combo with 0.2 sec FCT
Combo with 0.06 sec FCT
Combo with 0 sec FCT


Stellar requires the target to be marked in order to be dealing damage with Falling Stars, the mark lasts only up to 10 seconds. This stance also have less support than Solar/Lunar due to lack of Noblesse/Imperial/Grace equipment. It is not recommended for leveling. It can see play in doing MVP but the potion cost when in Union may be a hefty drawback









Class Data



Skill Description Levels Type
Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Record.png Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Record
Resets maps and monsters selected by Perception and/or Opposition 3 Active
Solar Stance.png Solar Stance
Enables Solar skills and increase attack during the effect 3 Active
Blaze Kick.png Blaze Kick
Inflicts melee physical damage to target and inflict 100% damage to enemies surrounding the target. Solar Explosion can be used after this skill. 7 Active
Solar Explosion.png Solar Explosion
Inflicts melee physical damage to all enemies around Caster. Can only be used after Blaze Kick 10 Active
Solar Luminance.png Solar Luminance
Increase damage done by Solar Explosion 5 Active
Lunar Stance.png Lunar Stance
Enables Lunar skills and increase MaxHP during the effect 3 Active
New Moon Kick.png New Moon Kick
Inflicts melee physical damage to all enemies around Caster. The Caster will then enter New Moon Mode. 7 Active
Full Moon Kick.png Full Moon Kick
Inflicts melee physical damage to all enemies around Caster. It has a chance of inflicting Blind status to the enemies. 10 Active
Lunar Luminance.png Lunar Luminance
Increase damage done by Full Moon Kick 5 Active
Stellar Stance.png Stellar Stance
Enables Lunar skills and increase ASPD during the effect 3 Active
Flash Kick.png Flash Kick
Inflicts 100% melee physical damage to an enemy, marking them with a star. Up to 5 targets can be marked. 7 Active
Falling Stars.png Falling Stars
When attacking enemies marked by Flash Kick during the effect, there is a 15% chance to trigger additional melee physical damage to all enemies marked by Flash Kick 10 Active
Stellar Luminance.png Stellar Luminance
Increase damage done by Falling Stars 5 Active
Universal Stance.png Universal Stance
Enables Solar, Lunar and Stellar skills and increase all stats during the effect 3 Active

Job Bonuses


Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
STR ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
AGI ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
VIT ? ? ? ?
INT ? ? ?
DEX ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
LUK ? ? ?



Equip Attack Speed From TaeKwon Master
Bare Handed ? 0
Shield ? 0
Book ? N/A
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk


All TKM's have the ability to zoom out farther than other classes while sitting down. Simply sit down and zoom out to see. (5x more zooming out)

Level Up Angel

Taekwon Kids, Taekwon Masters, Soul Linkers, Star Emperors and Soul Reapers share a unique level up angel that provides the following bonuses when a new base level is reached:

Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Miracle

Star Emperor inherits this trait from Taekwon Master

Every instance of damage inflicted by Star Emperor has a very slim chance to trigger Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Miracle.

  • Miracle lasts one hour.
  • Miracle will disappear if player travels to a map on a different server, Magnificat behaves the same way and can be used to check if maps are on the same server.
  • During Miracle, all enemies become target of Stellar Wrath and Stellar Blessings.
  • During Miracle, all Heat and Protection skills will be enabled.
  • Miracle is not lost upon death but teleporting back to Save Point may remove it due to different map server.