Solar Protection

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Solar Protection.png Solar Protection
Solar Protection Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 4
SP Cost: 80 − (Skill Level × 10)
Duration: (Skill Level × 80) seconds
Target: Self
Status Icon: I SolarProtection.png
(TaeKwon Master) Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception Lv. 1

Solar Protection (Alt: Comfort of the Sun) is an Expanded class active skill available as TaeKwon Master. This skill can only be used on a Solar Day (even numbered) in the Solar Place.


Temporarily reduce damage taken by a set amount.

Level Duration SP Cost
1 80s 70
2 160s 60
3 240s 50
4 320s 40
Damage Reduction = (Base_Lv + DEX + LUK) ÷ 10