Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union

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Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union.png Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 100
Duration: 10 minutes;
Until recast
Target: Self
(TaeKwon Master) Solar, Lunar and Stellar Courier Lv. 9

Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union (Alt: Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars) is an Expanded class active skill available as TaeKwon Master. This skill can only be used when the player is linked to the Taekwon Master Spirit.


Unifies the user's spirit with the cosmic alignments to awaken their hidden potential temporarily, wearing the soul link off and bestowing the player with several effects. Using this skill again will cancel its effects.

Positive effects

Negative effects

  • Drains HP for every attack. 2% against monsters, 8% against players.
  • Attacking at 20% of Max HP or less will instantly kill the player.
  • Vision decreases further.
  • Natural HP/SP recovery is disabled
  • Healing effect is reduced by 75%


  • Despite the skill saying that attacks will ignore defense, it is currently not working.
  • If several attacks are processed simultaneously while the user is at 20% of their Max HP or less, the player will die several times simultaneously, losing further experience for each death. As such, be careful when using skills with splash damage (such as Magnum Break).
  • If used while a Ledger of Death is equipped, the HP drain portion of the skill triggers the condition of "when attacking Demi-human/player race targets" and activates Coma autocast on the user.


  • October 13th, 2022
    • Reduced Critical Damage Bonus to Half.