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Blaze Kick

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Blaze Kick.png Blaze Kick
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 7, selectable
SP Cost: 20
Target: Enemy
Range: Melee
Area of Effect: 3x3
(Star Emperor) Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Record Lv. 1,Solar Stance Lv. 1


Inflicts melee physical damage to target and inflict 100% damage to enemies surrounding the target. Solar Explosion can be used after this skill.

Level Base Damage (ATK)
1 200%
2 250%
3 300%
4 350%
5 400%
6 450%
7 500%
Delay(for combo) = 1300 - [AGI * 4 + DEX * 2] ms


  • Only usable in Solar Stance and Universal Stance.
  • The skill damage is not affected base level.
  • The skill will hit the main target twice, once the main damage and second time with the AoE. Both hits will trigger Union's HP drain.
  • Chaining this skill to Solar Explosion works similarly like Sura combos, the higher your AGI/DEX are, the sooner you can chain them.