Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow

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Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow.png Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10
Status: Blind (pseudo)
(TaeKwon Master) Job Level 50

Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow (Alt: Demon of the Sun, Moon and Stars) is an Expanded class passive skill available as TaeKwon Master.


When the player is on a cosmic aligned map, enhances attack speed greatly at cost of vision, which is restricted like blind status effect. The second this skill is learned, the player will be blind forever, and improving this skill will shrink vision further. This does not act like the actual blind status however, and does not affect hit rate and flee rate.

Level ASPD Bonus
1 3 ?%
2 6 ?%
3 9 ?%
4 12 ?%
5 15 ?%
6 18 ?%
7 21 ?%
8 24 ?%
9 27 ?%
10 3011%


  • This skill, although obtainable, will not function until the player reaches Job Level 50.
  • The blind effect can be bypassed by using the /mineffect command.

Known Bugs

  • This skill was broken with the implementation of the Renewal update and still has not been fixed as of 2013/2/25.