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Job Base(s): Gypsy
Job Type: 3-2
Job Level: 65
Race: Human
Changes At: Lutie
Number of Skills: 24
Total Skill Points: 126
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+5 +9 +7 +9 +8 +2



The Wanderer class is the female performer class in its third class form. They are primarily a support and disabling / debuff class that is also capable of AoE ranged damage. They also have some magic / MATK based capabilities. They are more used for WoE situations now, but they can also provide unique party buffs that make them a worthwhile member to have in PVM parties (mainly the Dancer skill, Gypsy's Kiss, which lowers SP cost and provides more SP to party members). This buff is extremely helpful for classes with low Max SP, character builds with low INT, skills that depend on SP for damage (like Guillotine Fist and Dragon Breath), or classes that tend to have to spam high SP cost skills. The Wanderer is provided with an array of disabling skills that can quite effective in WoE. They also have access to decent MATK weapons (unlike their male counterpart, the Maestro), which allows them to make better use of the Metallic Sound skill, although this spell is still fairly weak and has a long cooldown.

The Wanderer also has a powerful AoE skill, Severe Rainstorm, which if geared properly, can dish out some hefty damage, but at a high SP cost (which is why high INT is strongly recommended).

Job Change Guide

Main article: Wanderer Job Change Guide

Changing into a Wanderer from a Gypsy requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Investigating a canceled performance
  • Reconciling an estranged Wanderer with her Maestro partner
  • Rigorous workout sessions to help a Wanderer get back into peak physical shape

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Wanderer. The journey begins in Lutie!


Severe Rainstorm Build

Stat Level 99 Level 125 Level 150 Level 175
STR 0~10 0~10 0~10 0~10
AGI 71 80 90 100
VIT 30 46 67 104
INT 57 57 57 83
DEX 99 120 120 120
LUK 1 2 77 80

Severe Rainstorm is the main leveling skill for the Wanderer class. It is a ranged AoE that showers a selected area with a volley of arrows. The damage is based on several factors including DEX, AGI, ATK, the bow and arrow used, and the element enchanted to the bow/arrows.

DEX not only adds to ATK but also adds damage to Severe Rainstorm as a multiplier in the damage formula, and so does AGI. However, depending on the character, one may choose more of either AGI or LUK for status immunities or AGI for Slow Grace in WoE. INT increases the effectiveness of Gypsy's Kiss and Max SP/SP Recovery (as Severe Rainstorm uses a whopping 120 SP each use)). The 77 minimum LUK by level 150 is for an Arch Angeling card's effect (Doubles HP/SP regen if base LUK is 77 or higher). The LUK also adds an amount of Perfect Dodge and ATK which are helpful with Severe Rainstorm.

Skills-wise, players using this build can invest in the same party buff skills as the Party Support build, and are not too different from full support builds. The natural attack skill progression from Severe Rainstorm is to the Trouvere's attack skill Rose Blossom. If you intend to get this skill, note that Rose Blossom's damage is enhanced by the Trouvere skill Mystic Symphony. That skill chain eventually requires the Wanderer skill Metallic Sound level 5 as a prerequisite. Instead of giving up on Wanderer support skills, you can still choose them. Then after job changing to Trouvere, a Skill Reset can be done to reduce some Wanderer support skills in order to acquire Metallic Sound.

Party Support (PVM/WoE) Build

Stat Level 99 Level 125 Level 150 Level 175
STR 0~7 0~10 0~15 0~16
AGI 24 25 41 80
VIT 82 100 110 122
INT 61 81 93 93
DEX 90 100 100 100
LUK 1 41 77 89

The primary function of this build is to buff party members as much as possible with Gypsy's Kiss by having very high INT and having high VIT for survivability while performing songs. The high INT/SP regeneration also help with the high SP cost of performance songs like Frigg's Song. Players can still get Severe Rainstorm with this build if they wish to, but the damage will be lower since stat placement wont be focusing mainly on DPS. Also Severe Rainstorm requires a bow to use, which means players won't be able to perform songs if they are using it (many players will switch back and forth between Whip and Bow in a party).

Skills to invest in:

Skill Source Build Additional Notes
Amp.png Amp
Dancer Both
Encore.png Encore
Dancer Both
Gypsy's Kiss.png Gypsy's Kiss
Dancer Both
Mental Sensing.png Mental Sensing
Dancer PvM Increases EXP while leveling.
Slow Grace.png Slow Grace
Dancer WoE Slow enemy movement, or lower emp breaker's ASPD.
Classical Pluck.png Classical Pluck
Dancer WoE Prevent enemy skill casting as people enter emp rooms.
Tarot Card of Fate.png Tarot Card of Fate
Gypsy WoE May give negative effects like reduced stats or break equipment.
Frigg's Song.png Frigg's Song
Wanderer Both Max HP +25% for party members. Useful for increasing the Dragon Breath damage, or keeping everyone alive.
Voice Lessons.png Voice Lessons
Wanderer Both Pretty much essential to be at lvl 10.
Siren's Voice.png Siren's Voice
Wanderer Both This will help keep the enemy's focus off of you. Useful in WoE as well.
Song of Despair.png Song of Despair
Wanderer Both Hold enemies in WoE, tele them in PvM.
Death Valley.png Death Valley
Wanderer PvM Useful to raise a dead bishop.
Lover Symphony.png Lover Symphony
Wanderer Both Increases MDEF. Questionably useful. Also it's only increasing a little ammount of MDEF. If you're in a party, maestro can Use ATK song, because both skills don't work together.
Swing Dance.png Swing Dance
Wanderer Both Everyone likes +35% ASPD.
Dances with Wargs.png Dances with Wargs
Wanderer WoE Increase the damage of "Auto-Warg" Rangers in WoE/PVP.
Gloomy Shyness.png Gloomy Shyness
Wanderer WoE Dismounting Rune Knights and Royal Guards. Also slows like Slow Grace

Sound Damage Build

Stat Level 99 Level 125 Level 150 Level 175
STR 10 10 10 10
AGI 24 30 50 80
VIT 30 30 60 100
INT 99 120 120 120
DEX 90 90 100 107
LUK 1 41 77 77

A sound damage Wanderer specializes in using Metallic Sound and Reverberation to deal damage. These skills are very SP-intensive and the damage is heavily based on MATK, so INT is a priority. This is an advanced build, and not recommended for beginners due to the cost of the equipment and the leveling difficulty.

As a Dancer/Gypsy: Either solo with Double Strafe and/or Arrow Vulcan, or use Gypsy's Kiss to support a party.
Low Level Wanderer: You can use Severe Rainstorm, or continue to support parties with Gypsy's Kiss.
Level 125+: By this point, you should be able to deal a strong Metallic Sound and Reverberation.
Level 150+: It is probably becoming difficult at this point to kill anything with sound damage skills, due to poor game design from Gravity. Pair with a Priest to Lex Aeterna your damage, or support Bio4 parties with Frigg's Song and Gypsy's Kiss.

Equipment reminder: Two equipped 2899.png Sound Amplifier [1] used to be a must-have for this build, but 28411.png Emerald Earrings [1] became a very useful alternative that doesn't increase Metallic Sound SP cost and lets you get some variability in your build by making Arrow Vulcan useful. Your Metallic Sound will still deal useless damage without any of those tiems.

Auto-Attack Build

Stat Level 99 Level 125 Level 150 Level 175
STR 10 10 13 14
AGI 90 100 101 110
VIT 30 60 90 100
INT 44 70 70 87
DEX 90 100 100 115
LUK 1 18 77 77

The auto-attack wanderer specializes in melee combat with a whip.

As a dancer/Gypsy: You can either Double Strafe constantly at high attack speed, or you can play around with whipping things at a moderate attack speed. Arrow Vulcan still works, and nobody will complain about your Gypsy's Kiss in a party, either.
Early Wanderer: Your goal is to get a pair of 22010.png Temporal Agi Boots [1] and Swing Dance on as soon as possible, to massively increase your attack speed. This will allow you to begin melee-attacking things with auto-cast gears equipped (such as 18666.png CD in Mouth or 2957.png Advanced Ring Of Flame Lord) at a decent ASPD (around 188+ with swing dance).
Level 125+: You should be hitting your stride here, with 193 ASPD and a array of auto-cast gear on.

With the Rock Ridge update, the Hippie set was added, which increases critical damage from early levels.


This is by no means a complete collection of gear available. It is merely just suggestions based on some of the more popular gear options as well as some of the lower tier options for players with a lower budget. A dagger should be carried in order to interrupt a song by switching weapon to a dagger. Switching weapons can be done at any time after the song has started. While it's possible to cancel a song by equipping a Bow, switching from a whip to a dagger and then back to the whip has the advantage that the Gypsy's shield does not become unequipped in the process. And by going back to the whip after stopping the song, Severe Rainfall remains available.

Headgear Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
5208.png Rideword Hat [1] Severe Rainstorm Helps with the SP requirements of SR.
5359.png Airship Captain's Hat [1] Severe Rainstorm Increases ranged damage.
18795.png Night Sparrow Cap [1] Severe Rainstorm Adds +200 MaxSP and reduces SP cost of Severe Rainstorm by 10 and fixed cast time by 5% per level ov Voice Lessons. At +9, increases Severe Rainstorm damage.
5963.png Wing Headphone [1] Sound Damage Increases magic damage, lowers SP cost of Reverb, lowers Metallic Sound cooldown.
18522.png Evil Marching Hat [1] All Offensive Increases damage & CRIT.
5564.png Crown of Deceit [1] Sound Damage Increases magic damage, reduces cast time.
18539.png Skull Cap [1] Sound Damage Increases magic damage.
5409.png Purple Cowboy Hat [1] All Builds Extra SP.
5363.png Abysmal Knight Helm [1] Support/WoE Build Reduces Demi-human and boss damage.
18601.png Red Pom Band [1] Support/WoE Build Reduces Demi-human damage.
18600.png Cat Ear Beret [1] Support/WoE Build Reduces Demi-human damage.
5170.png Feather Beret [1] Support/WoE Build Reduces Demi-human damage.
5325.png Robo Eye All Offensive Increases damage.
18599.png Black Devil's Mask All Builds Best-in-slot middle gear in the game.
5592.png Sigrun's Wings Melee Increases ASPD.
5574.png Well-Chewed Pencil All Offensive Increases DEX/HIT.
5305.png Pirate Dagger All Offensive Increases ATK.
5361.png Gangster Scarf All Offensive Increases ATK.
18666.png CD in Mouth Melee Build Auto-casts various skills.
4288.png Carat Card All Builds Increases SP by about 160~175.
4010.png Willow Card All Builds Increases SP by 80.
4241.png Arc Angeling Card All Builds Godsend to Performer-class. Doubles HP/SP regen if Base LUK 77 or higher.

Weapon Suggestions

Equipment Build Wep Lv   ATK     MATK   Additional Notes
1734.png Orc Archer + 1753.png Steel Arrow Severe Rainstorm 3 120 0 Decent bow.
1746.png Elven Bow [1] + 1773.png Elven Arrow Severe Rainstorm 3 150 0 Best bow.
1985.png Rosevine Sound Damage 4 100 130 Good MATK whip for Metallic Sound. Enchant in Malangdo with Spell3~5.
26200.png Hippie Rope [2] Melee 3 140~190 0 Increases ASPD according to Dance Lessons level, at upgrade level +7 it adds +5 ATK for each level of dance lessons and at upgrade level +9 adds +1 of pure ASPD. Part of the Hippie set.
1974.png Carrot Whip Melee 4 185 0 Good melee damage whip. Enchant in Mangdo with ATK, Crit, or ASPD.
1988.png Thanatos Whip [1] Any Offensive 4 200 130 Good melee damage, reverberation, and metallic sound whip. This is the best all-around whip. Becomes better for Arrow Vulcan than Queen's whip when using Emerald Earrings.
1970.png Queen's Whip [2] Any Offensive 4 150 0 Best Arrow Vulcan damage, unless you wear two Emerald Earrings. Enchant in Malangdo with Expert Archer.
1951.png Rope [4] Support/WoE 1 45 0 A good four-slot card holder for 4072.png Golem Card and 4002.png Fabre Card.

Shield Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
2147.png Round Buckler [1] All Builds A poor person's shield. Has decent DEF.
2138.png Bradium Shield [1] All Builds Still not that great. Has good DEF.
2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1] All Builds Pretty much the best. Great DEF, some MDEF, reduces common elemental damage.
2168.png Immune Shield [1] All Builds Also very good. Reduces neutral-element attacks.
Shield Cards All Builds Use appropriate racial reduction cards (ex: 4058.png Thara Frog Card).

Armor Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
15031.png Eden Group Armor All Builds It will probably be your first armor.
2365.png Orleans' Gown [1] All Builds This will prevent cast interruption if you don't have Sound Amplifiers.
2374.png Diabolus Robe [1] All Builds Adds SP.
15180.png Hippie Clothes Melee Build +20 ATK. Part of the Hippie set, can be enchanted. At upgrade level +9 adds a chance of autocasting Double Strafe with short-ranged attacks.
2383.png Brynhild All Builds Adds a lot of SP. Great DEF.

Garment Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
2589.png Fallen Angel Wing [1] All Builds Enchant this in Eden kitchen to match your build. Spell enchantments for sound damage, aspd enchants for melee, HP/VIT enchants for support, or expert archer enchants for severe rainstorm.
2576.png Heroic Backpack [1] All Builds Carries a lot of benefits, like the fallen angel wing, but is more versatile since you don't need to enchant it specific to your build.
2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] All Builds Good garment, plus it can help siphon SP with Rideword Hat.
2537.png Diabolus Manteau All Builds Can be useful.
4133.png Raydric Card All Builds All-around good garment card.
4334.png Noxious Card All Builds All-around good garment card.
4174.png Deviling Card All Builds Powerful garment card.

Footgear Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
2423.png Variant Shoes All Builds +20% HP/SP. Do not upgrade them, they lose 1%/refine.
22014.png Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] All Builds With the right card, this is 22% HP/SP, so better than normal Variants. You can also upgrade this one, for better DEF.
22004.png Temporal Dex Boots Severe Rainstorm Adds a lot of DEX, and you can enchant it with "Hawkeye" which is amazing for Severe Rainstorm.
22010.png Temporal Agi Boots [1] Melee Build Good for adding ASPD to the melee auto-cast build.
22009.png Temporal Int Boots [1] Sound Damage Adds a lot of MATK at 120 base INT.
4160.png Firelock Soldier Card All Builds Adds suitable HP/SP in slotted footgear.

Accessory Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
2899.png Sound Amplifier [1] All Builds Instant cast and makes Metallic Sound useful.
28411.png Emerald Earrings [1] All Builds +100 MATK, +10 to AGI, INT and DEX depending on level of Voice Lessons known. Increases Arrow Vulcan, Slinging Arrow and Metallic Sound damage greatly depending on base leveland decreases Metallic Sound cast time. Makes Arrow Vulcan a viable way to oneshot endgame enemies.
28573.png Emerald Ring [1] Severe Rainstorm +100 ATK, +10 to AGI, VIT and DEX depending on level of Double Strafe known. Increases Severe Rainstorm, Double Strafe and Arrow shower damage depending on base level.
2873.png Cat Hand Glove [1] All Builds Adds some stats.
2957.png Advanced Ring Of Flame Lord Melee Build Auto-casts various skills.
2958.png Advanced Ring Of Resonance Melee Build Can be paired with Ring of Flame Lord.
2910.png Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo Melee Build Increases ASPD and ATK.
2619.png Bow Thimble [1] Severe Rainstorm Adds a little damage.
28442.png Hippie Feather Melee Build Increases Flee and Critical rate, part of the Hippie set, can be enchanted.
4077.png Phen Card All Builds You won't need this with 2 sound amps.
4505.png Scaraba Card Sound Damage Adds MATK.

WoE Gear Sample

1951.png Rope [4] with 3x Fabre and 1x Golemn card (unbreakable and +3 VIT).
2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1] with 4058.png Thara Frog Card
18601.png Red Pom Band [1] with 4354.png Gemini-S58 Card
15047.png WoE Suits [1] with 4105.png Marc Card
2586.png WoE Manteau [1] with 4334.png Noxious Card
2484.png WoE Boots [1] with 4381.png Green Ferus Card
2898.png Black Rosary [1] with 4991.png Kafra Blossom Card

Class Data


See Dancer Skills or Gypsy Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skills in a same group don't stack and will override each other (see Group A Songs and Group B Songs). Group B skills can only be removed through special skills such as Clearance, Lion's Howl, Destruction Song, etc.

Solo Skills

Skill Description Levels Group Type
Circle of Nature.png Circle of Nature
Displays the power of the nature to all targets in a 7x7~15x15 area around the user, which allow them to regain HP in exchange of SP each second, for 1 minute. 5 B Supportive
Death Valley.png Death Valley
Resurrects a single player, using their SP to restore their HP. 5 - Supportive
Deep Sleep Lullaby.png Deep Sleep Lullaby
Attempts to cause Deep Sleep status to all enemies in a 11x11~19x19 area around the user. 5 B Active
Song of Despair.png Song of Despair
Imbues the targeted location with sound waves that binds all enemies in a 3x3 area upon contact. 5 - Active
Dominion Impulse.png Dominion Impulse
Releases a powerful scream over a targeted location to detonate all Reverberations in a 11x11 area. 1 - Active
Frigg's Song.png Frigg's Song
Increases maximum HP by +5% per skill level for party members. Uses one Regrettable Tear. This song has no grouping. 5 - Supportive
Gloomy Shyness.png Gloomy Shyness
Peforms a chant to a single target to increase the damage of Brandish Spear, Clashing Spiral, Shield Boomerang, Rapid Smiting, and Shield Press. May cause negative effects. 5 B Active
Improvised Song.png Improvised Song
Performs a chant that casts a random Mage or Wizard skill, ignoring every catalyst it may require. 5 - Active
Lover Symphony.png Lover Symphony
Performs a song that increases MDEF across the entire party within a 15x15~23x23 area around the user for 1 miunte. 5 A Supportive
Metallic Sound.png Metallic Sound
Shouts a high pitched noise at a single target to deal magic damage and drain their SP. 10 - Offensive
Moonlight Serenade.png Moonlight Serenade
Performs a song that increases MATK across the entire party within a 15x15~23x23 area around the user for 1 minute. 5 A Supportive
Reverberation.png Reverberation
Imbues the targeted location with sound waves that deal ATK + MATK damage to all enemies in a 3x3 area upon contact. 5 - Offensive
Severe Rainstorm.png Severe Rainstorm
Shoots a raining volley of arrows to continually deal damage to all enemies in a 11x11 area around the targeted location. Damage is increased with caster's DEX, AGI and Base Level. 5 - Offensive
Siren's Voice.png Siren's Voice
Performs a chant that captivates all enemies in a 7x7~13x13 area around the user by chance, to prevent them from attacking or targeting the user for a set duration. 5 B Active
Swing Dance.png Swing Dance
Performs a dance that increases Movement Speed and ASPD across the entire party within a 15x15~23x23 area around the user for 1 minute. 5 A Supportive
Voice Lessons.png Voice Lessons
Increases Max SP and SP Recovery. At level 5 and higher, allows to use 3rd class skills while performing. 10 - Passive
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 - Active

Chorus Skills

Skill Description Levels Group Type
Great Echo.png Great Echo
Performs a loud song to deal damage to all enemies in a 5x5~9x9 area around the user. 5 - Offensive
Dances with Wargs.png Dances with Wargs
Performs a fast tempo song that increases ASPD, lowers Fixed Cast Time and increases ATK across the entire party within a 11x11~19x19 area around the user for 30~150 seconds. 5 B Supportive
Song of Mana.png Song of Mana
Performs a song that increases SP Recovery across the entire party within a 11x11~19x19 area around the user for 30~150 seconds. 5 B Supportive
Lerad's Dew.png Lerad's Dew
Performs a song that increases Max HP across the entire party within a 11x11~15x15 area around the user for 20~60 seconds. 5 B Supportive
Saturday Night Fever.png Saturday Night Fever
Performs a song that attempts to cause a lesser "Frenzy" status to all players in a 7x7~15x15 area around the user for 10~30 seconds. 5 B Active
Warcry from Beyond.png Warcry from Beyond
Performs a song that attempts to increase STR and CRIT but decreasing Max HP of all targets in a 11x11~15x15 area around the user for 20~60 seconds. 5 B Active
Sinking Melody.png Sinking Melody
Performs a song that attempts to decrease INT and drain SP of all enemies in a 11x11~15x15 area around the user for 20~60 seconds. 5 B Active
Song of Destruction.png Song of Destruction
Performs a song that attempts to deal damage to all targets that are performing in a 9x9~15x15 area around the user, removing their performance / chorus skills in the process. 5 - Offensive
Infinite Humming.png Infinite Humming
Performs a song that prevents the skill casting interruption of all targets in a 11x11~15x15 area around the user for 60~180 seconds, but increasing their SP cost by 15%. 5 B Active

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
STR 26 27 51
AGI 4 7 18 31 39 43 45 50 59
VIT 12 13 14 22 32 52 58
INT 2 3 9 21 36 37 38 49 56
DEX 1 8 17 23 30 44 53 60
LUK 55


Equip Attack Speed From 2nd Class
Bare Handed 156 0
Shield -7 0
Dagger -12 +1
Bow -10 −2
Whip -5 0
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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