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Dances with Wargs

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Dances with Wargs.png Dances with Wargs
Dances with Wargs Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 120 − (Performers × 12)
Fixed Cast Time: 0.5 seconds
Variable Cast Time: [1 + (Skill Level × 0.5)] seconds
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Duration: (Skill Level × 30) seconds
Target: Self
Area of Effect: 11x11 ~ 19x19
Weapon: Instrument or Whip
Status Icon: I DanceWithWargs.png
(Maestro) Harmonize Lv. 1, Windmill Rush Lv. 1, Echo Song Lv. 1;
(Wanderer) Lover Symphony Lv. 1, Moonlight Serenade Lv. 1, Swing Dance Lv. 1

Dances with Wargs (Alt: Dance with Warg) is a 3rd class supportive chorus skill available as Maestro and Wanderer. This performance belongs to the Group B.


Performs a fast paced chorus that will boost attack (Equipment), attack speed, shorten Fixed Cast Time (FCT) and boost damage with Warg Strike, Warg Bite and Warg Dash, temporarily. The more performers are in the party, the more benefits this skill will provide. Requires the performers to wield an instrument or whip.

Level Base ATK Boost Base Damage Boost Area of Effect Cast Time (Fix + Var) Duration
1 2 10% 11x11 (0.5 + 1.5)s 30s
2 4 20% 13x13 (0.5 + 2.0)s 60s
3 6 30% 15x15 (0.5 + 2.5)s 90s
4 8 40% 17x17 (0.5 + 3.0)s 120s
5 10 50% 19x19 (0.5 + 3.5)s 150s
ATK Boost = Base_ATK_Boost × Performers
ASPD Boost = [5 + (Performers × 5)]%
FCT Reduc. = [Performers × 10]%
Skill Damage Boost = [Base_Damage_Boost × Performers]%


  • All benefits of this skill have a limit of seven performers. More than seven performers in the party will not improve the benefits further.