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Dazzler.png Dazzler
Dazzler Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 10 + (Skill Level × 2)
Cast Delay: 0.3 seconds
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Target: Self
Area of Effect: Screen
Status: Stun
Status Icon: I Stun.png
(Dancer) Encore Lv. 1

Dazzler (Alt: Scream) is a 2nd class active skill available as Dancer and Gypsy.


Shouts a stunning sentence loudly, which has a chance of leaving enemies stunned due to the shock. This skill may also affect party members.

Level Chance of Effect SP Cost
1 30% 12
2 35% 14
3 40% 16
4 45% 18
5 50% 20

List of Screams

  • Kyaaaa----!
  • Nyang-*
  • Argggggh!!
  • Stop drinking!!
  • Hey you punk!!
  • See if I ever listen to you!
  • Stop smoking!!
  • Stop smoking or else I'm going to join you!!
  • I hate second hand smoking!!
  • Psh.. not even rich ----!!
  • You try living off of this much zeny!!
  • Go make some zeny if you're insulted!!
  • Weeee~~~~!
  • Yaaaaaaa~~~~Hoooooooooooo ----!!!
  • Bleh!
  • Sign here sign here!!
  • It's over!! Let's end it here!!
  • What am I supposed to live off of!!
  • Take care of my daughter!!
  • Claim your daughter!! You punk!
  • What are you going to do about your child!
  • Hey you punk--!!
  • Hey!! You still call yourself a human!
  • Sweety!! Are you really going to leave like this?!
  • Are we.. seriously over? Huh!!!
  • What am I supposed to do without you!!!!
  • I'm pregnant!!!!!
  • Save me!!
  • Somebody's following me!
  • Agh! What do you think you're doing -!
  • Hey! Get away from me!
  • AAAAHHHHH--!! Wha.. Where do you think your hands are going!!!!
  • Why are you doing this to me!!
  • We're still young!!
  • We have our lives in front of us~!!
  • I'm not ready yet!!
  • Not yet!! Just a little... Wait just a little more!
  • No--!! I'm a teacher and you're my student!
  • This relationship will never work!
  • Let's meet again when we're more mature!!
  • If you're a little older... then... maybe ~~!
  • Yeah! I love him. I love him! Is that such a crime?!
  • I don't care what other people say.. I love him!
  • Sorry to you.. but.. I can't help it! I already fell in love!!
  • Hey... why do you have to be my friend's boyfriend?! Why!!
  • Why my friend!!
  • Why my friend out of all the people~!!!
  • Honey!!
  • Babes!!
  • Love you babes!!
  • Love you!
  • I love you ---!!
  • Love you lots!!
  • I said I love you!
  • What do you want me to do!
  • I don't need anything!!
  • You're all dead! Argh!
  • Was I just a joke to you?!
  • Say something! Now!!
  • Waaah!!
  • *Sniffles*... waaah!!
  • I don't care-!!!
  • Hohohoho! Call me your majesty!
  • Oh- ho- hohoho!
  • Kyaaaaaaaah~!
  • Arrrrrrrrrrgh....!
  • Are you going to kill me if I don't give you an item -------!!!!
  • You think I'm that easy ------!!!!!
  • No--------------!!!!!!!
  • No no! NO!!
  • Leave me alone-----------!!!!!
  • Don't come-------!!!!
  • Don't come near me!!
  • Get away from me!!!!
  • AHHH-------------------!!!
  • You dirty punk!!
  • Go away!!
  • I'm going to cry...if you touch me!!
  • I'm going to cry!!!
  • Those who lie......don't even have the right to love!!
  • No~ Not here ~*
  • BAH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • AHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Grr~~!!!
  • Can't you here me ~ ???
  • Get down!
  • You can't trust me?!
  • Hug~ me~ closely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hug me!!
  • Argh!! Die. Just die!!!!!!!!!
  • Poring ! Poporing !! Popopopopoporing!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kyaaa~ It's a pervert ~~ Waaah
  • Guess who ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • All going to die~~!!!!!!!
  • Shush ~~~~~~!! Be quiet ~~~~!!!!
  • Agh!
  • Eh?! Oh my!!!!
  • Huh! What is this!!
  • Eh?! What is this!! Who do you think you are! Hah!
  • Take me somewhere ---!!!!!
  • I'm lonely!!!!
  • Lonely! I'm lonely and how could you!!!!
  • Do you know me?!!!
  • I'm not just what you think I am!!!!
  • There must be some misunderstanding!!!!!
  • Do you still love me?!!!
  • Not everything is the way you see it!!!!
  • Listen to me!! That's not true! It's a misunderstanding!!!!
  • Am I pretty?!!!!!! Next is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmm ~*
  • My skill is lame!! Why? Because it is lame ~_~
  • Lame huh? Yeah.
  • Damn, I'd have to say that was pretty stupid...
  • What a pathetic sight.
  • Yes...yes I agree, that in fact was pretty lame.
  • Enter "Funny Comment" Here.
  • Oh boy, what the *Bleep* was that! Little help over here pansies...
  • Not the face...NOT THE FACE!


  • These are the same quotes used to get to the Jawaii Bar from Prontera.


Bestowed from

  • Hurt Mind - Level 3; Usable
  • Evil Spirit Glove - Level 1; 0.1% chance to autocast on attacker when receiving a short-ranged physical or magical attack.
  • Hurt Mind & Kind Heart Set - Level 1; 0.1% chance to autocast on attacker when receiving a short-ranged physical or magical attack.


This page has the previous version of this skill before the 2020 skill updates.


  • May 1st, 2020
    • Global delay of skills reduced from 4 seconds to 0.3 seconds
    • 4 seconds cooldown added.