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Reverberation.png Reverberation
Reverberation Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 24 + (Skill Level × 4)
Fixed Cast Time: 0.5 seconds
Variable Cast Time: [1 + (Skill Level × 0.1)] seconds
Cast Delay: 0.5 second
Duration: (Skill Level + 8) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 9 cells
Catalyst: Throat Lozenge
(Bard) Unchained Serenade Lv. 5
(Dancer) Hip Shaker Lv. 5

Reverberation (Alt: Reverberation) is a 3rd class offensive skill available as Maestro and Wanderer.


Emits and places a high frequency sound wave on a targeted location that releases a boom burst afterwards or when triggered, inflicting two hits of physical and magic damage, respectively, to all enemies within its area of effect. This damage spreads equally between all affected enemies. This skill can also be used in conjunction with the Dominion Impulse skill to trigger the sound waves. Each cast consumes a Throat Lozenge.

Level Base Damage (ATK + MATK) Durability (HP) Cast Time (Var) Boom Timer SP Cost
1 400% + 200% 2 1.1s 9s 28
2 500% + 300% 3 1.2s 10s 32
3 600% + 400% 4 1.3s 11s 36
4 700% + 500% 5 1.4s 12s 40
5 800% + 600% 6 1.5s 13s 44
Damage (ATK + MATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]%


  • Only the magic portion ignores the accuracy check.
  • There is no restriction on placing the sound waves.
    • Can be placed below the target, multiple times in the same cell, and there is no limit of sound waves that can be placed.
  • The sound waves can be dissipated by attacking them, and they have the flag "Always Takes 1 Damage".
  • The property of the physical portion equals the property of the equipped weapon or arrow.
  • The magic portion is Neutral property.
  • This skill inflicts melee damage, therefore is blocked by Safety Wall.
  • The damage can be reflected back to the user.


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