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Unbarring Octave

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Unbarring Octave.png Unbarring Octave
Unbarring Octave Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5 (Selectable)
SP Cost: (Skill level × 2) + 10
Cast Delay: 0.3 seconds
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Target: Self
Area of Effect: Screen
Status: Frozen
Status Icon: I Frozen.png
(Bard) Encore Lv. 1

Unbarring Octave (Alt: Frost Joker) is a 2nd class active skill available as Bard and Minstrel.


Tells a lame joke loudly, which has a chance of leaving enemies frozen due to how boring it was. This skill may also affect party members.

Level Chance of Effect SP Cost
1 20% 12
2 25% 14
3 30% 16
4 35% 18
5 40% 20

List of Jokes

  • Me..me..mememe...
  • oooooohHHHHHoooHOHOHOH *Cough* *Cough*
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHoooooooooHHHHHH~~~~~~~ *sneeze*
  • I'm getting frostbite over here!
  • Oy~ It's cold.
  • Ooh! Tristan!
  • Yaee, Geffenia!
  • By the power of Lutie, I shower the with ice!
  • Poring.. Poporing.. Then the next is Popopoporing?!
  • Ribbit Ribbit~ Thara Frog~~~
  • La la la la la ~ Roda Froooooog~~~
  • Sasquatch Hydra.
  • Sasquatch is really Hydra.
  • Baffled? Baffled by Baphoment!
  • Baffled by Baphoment! Then there is also Baphomet Jrs.~
  • I made a mocking hood!
  • Target Lock. Sidewinder Go!
  • Water is faster than absorption! Aqua Benediction.
  • It's the fink Dark Lord!
  • Ah~ Dark Lord is so freakin stoopid ~
  • Ah~ Darkie~ Why are you like this ~
  • Dark Lord looks like me after four beers...
  • Ugh... I have a fever and I don't feel so good... Maybe its my Sasquatch...?
  • I don't think I'll be able to live long.... Because I'm too cute...
  • Jelly~ Jelly~ Jellopy~
  • Why am I so popular? Even monsters come to me!
  • Who is the hero of good fortune to receive my kiss of love?
  • You there! You are qualified to recieve my love!
  • I know everything!! I know that you like me~!
  • Give me your warm thanks... Sight!
  • Hollgrehenn!! Be good to me!
  • Hollgrehenn!! Don't break my sword! Please?!
  • Hollgrehenn!! You dunno what you're doing! Do you?!
  • What! Mandragora....rarara....! Ra Ra Ra! Sis Boom Bah!
  • Magnus Exorcismus!!!!......I can't use that...
  • Magnus Exorcismusmusmusmusmusmus...
  • Should I give you a Blue Potion~ or Red Potion~
  • Rocker! Let's make music together for all of Rune Migarts!!!
  • ............... I'm hungry.
  • L...a...m...e...
  • Gold Bolt!
  • Fire Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Cold Bolt!... 2..220 Bolt?! ... What.. What is this?!
  • Fire Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Cold Bolt!... 1..110 Bolt?! ...
  • Lord of Familiar!!
  • Quagmire....Gagmire!!
  • Long time ago!! I was an Archer!!!! Scary huh?!
  • My skill is Lame!! Why, you ask? Because I'm Lame..
  • Lame? Huh? Lame? Huh? Lame? Huh?
  • Jupitel~~~~~ Thunder!...
  • Andre, Piere, Deniro's Mom... is Maya...
  • I'm correct, aren't I? Andre?!
  • Antonio! What is your true identity!?
  • The Knight with a lot of strength - Amber Nite~
  • Zealotus~... Ah ~ I'm in love with you ~
  • Zealotus~ So pretty~
  • Frost Nova Sonic Blow?!... Why am I saying this....?!
  • Kobold 1! Kobold 2! Kobold 3~
  • If the brave Kobold unite, they become the Kobold Lord~
  • Metaller! Metaller! Metaller! Lalalalalala~ Lalalala~ Attack!... ?!
  • Ah... Anger... There's nothing else I can do... Time to release Mistress.
  • Best solution to Mistress is alcohol!
  • Mommy! Hehehehe... I missed you.
  • Piere ..... !
  • Piere ..... A diamond in the rough!
  • Tough Body, Tough Mind, The weaning Savage Bebe-
  • They've returned! Legend of the 5th Artificial Smokie!
  • Sting... Lets live together.
  • Wonderful Monster... Wormtail
  • For a Minorous to be a Majoruros, he must practice his hammer swinging form.
  • Ah~ When swinging a hammer, the lower body is important... Once you have built up your lower body, You can become a Majoruros!
  • Majoruros... Throw your Hammer! The stunning Hammerfall!!
  • Majoruros... Minororus... Next!.. Superorus!... What am I saying....
  • High Orc Lord of Vermillion!!
  • Boys are... Arrow Shower.
  • One-Hand Quicken!!
  • Mink Coat!!!!
  • There is no way for... Discount?!
  • Move you cart. Push Cart please!!
  • "Ambernite vs Mammonite"
  • "Ambernite vs Mammonite!", Nightmare as Referee.
  • I'm the one that put the arrows in the Old Blue Box...
  • Arrow Shower~ Whoo~
  • Charge Arrow~ Whoo~
  • What's the color of your apple?!
  • KAME!! HAME!! HA!!!.... Oh wait, wrong game...
  • I feel pretty~ Oh so pretty~ I feel pretty and witty and... uh.. I think I'll stop now....

More Jokes

  • Are you addicted by my sense of humor?!
  • Orc Load? Magnum Bash!
  • All servers will shut down in 5 seconds for maintenance service. 5... Eh? What am I talking about?
  • Lord of Vermilion!!!
  • Jokes swamp!!!
  • Frost Diver!!!
  • My heart pulse is 2.4PT.
  • Magnum Exorcismus! Attack!!!
  • I think I have no chance to cast "Magnum Exorcismus"... Because you were stunned by me!
  • Hollgrehenn!! Stop destroying!
  • Hollgrehenn!! Are you going to run a forge business once you damage your sword?
  • Hug me gently, Sight!
  • I make a Hood by imitating a Muffler!
  • Crystal? Crystal? Do here have Jellopy?
  • I knew it! You love me!
  • Why? Why can't the Fatal Blow kill the Hode?
  • What? Is Mandragora!..
  • My music is Yoyo, don't ask me why. Because I'm stupid.
  • I love Hollgrehenn's music. Why? Because I love to wreck.
  • I am too modest. I think I can't live longer...
  • Uncle, do you have relationship with Chonchon?
  • Dad, do you have relationship with Chonchon?
  • Mom, why Dragon Fly is green?
  • Dakota, Dakota, "Hiding"...Tadaa~~ "Provoke".
  • The batter bats the ball!! The strike is terrific!! Seems like a home run... Ah... Steel Chonchon interrupts it...
  • When mastered Sword Mastery, it's time to master Axe!
  • Yes, it is sure!
  • A blurry memory...
  • Sting, try to live like us.
  • Vadon is swinging around...
  • A blurry memory...
  • They are back! The legendary Smokie team is back


Bestowed from

  • Snowman Hat - Level 1; Autocast on self when physically or magically attacking. If upgrade level is +8 or higher, Level 5 will be cast instead.


This page has the previous version of this skill before the 2020 skill updates.


  • May 1st, 2020
    • Global delay of skills reduced from 4 seconds to 0.3 seconds
    • 4 seconds cooldown added.