Maestro Job Change Guide

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Maestro Job Change Guide
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 50 (70 strongly recommended, will never recover lost skill points otherwise)
Job Class: Bard or Minstrel
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Magical Stone
(if Non-VIP)
Item(s): 5751.png Minstrel Song Hat
2795.png Green Apple Ring
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Maestro
This test may require either help from friends or a VIP (for Thanatos Tower teleport)

  1. Immediately south of the boat in Alberta, speak to the Bard alberta196133. Offer to help him find 'Minstrel Song'. He says to look around Prontera.
  2. Speak to the Warmhearted Woman prontera14197 in Prontera near the center Kafra.
    • She sends you to talk to someone near Prontera Castle.
  3. Just west of Prontera Castle, speak to Glasses-wearing Man prontera140331. He will tell you to speak to the woman in front of the tool shop.
  4. In front of the Tool Shop speak with Woman prontera146218. She doesn't offer much help. Return to Alberta.
  5. Speak to the Bard again, he has learned that 'Minstrel Song' headed to Hugel many years ago. Since the sea route is no longer in service, you'll have to take the Airship.
  6. Head to the Juno-Hugel (Domestic) Airship.
  7. Speak with the Karian in the northwest corner airplane22267. You will automatically be warped to an inn in Hugel.
  8. Speak to the Karian again and he will suggest visiting the pub.
  9. In southeast Hugel, enter the pub hugel12765. In the first room inside the pub, speak to the Tone-deaf Person.
  10. After listening to the Tone-deaf Person's song, return to the inn and speak to Karian. After telling him that 'Minstrel Song' headed for Thanatos Tower, Karian decides you will both go there too.
    Note: This step is very dangerous and can be done several different ways:
    • You must get to the Thanatos Tower entrance on Hugel Field 01, but unfortunately the path there is very dangerous and way beyond the means of a 99 Minstrel. There are several methods of overcoming this portion of the test:
    • Have friends walk you there from Hugel. Having a high level to kill the Griffons and Novus will help tremendously as these monsters will overwhelm a solo Minstrel
    • From Aldebaran, teleport/flywing 2 maps north, 1 map west, and 3 maps north from there. This will bypass all of the dangerous fields from Hugel town to the hu_fild01 map, but you will still have to teleport/flywing around the hu_fild01 map to get to the tower guard, so stock up on appropriate items (it is recommended to bring at least 100 fly wings)
  11. Talk to the Tower Keeper hu_fild01143162 to teleport to Thanatos Tower entranceway.
  12. Walk near the portal to enter Thanatos Tower (upper left side of map), and you will find a piece of paper on the ground.
  13. Head to Juno and speak to Mr. Click yuno143170. You will receive a photo of 'Minstrel Song'. On the back of the photo, it says you need to hunt 33 Teddy Bears.
  14. In front of Lighthalzen Hotel, speak to the Little Girl lighthalzen162126. She says 'Minstrel Song' was headed for the Ice Cave, so head to Ice Dungeon.
  15. The Ice Dungeon is found in Rachel. From Rachel, go out the east exit and up 3 maps. The entrance is at the very top of the map filled with Desert Wolves.
  16. As soon as you enter Ice Dungeon 01, you will start to explore the map and find a poem written on the wall.
    A series of NPC's will teleport you from 1 spot to the next as you read each line.
    • Note: This may not work if there is another player sitting at the entrance to Ice Dungeon.
  17. When you wake up, speak to the Old Woman. She tells you 'Minstrel Song' went to Comodo after he carved the poem in the wall of the Ice Dungeon.
    Since Karian is afraid of airships, you will need to get to Comodo via the south Veins dock
    'Note': You can not take an alternate route. The following step is a requirement.
  18. Head 1 map south of Veins and you'll find a boat on an island in the southern part of the map.
    Note:This part is a death trap so be cautious.
    • Due to the algorithm of the spawns on this map, an over spawn of Drosera and Muscipulars can appear all over the dock and boat and will cause a hit-lock nightmare to any minstrels trying to do this portion of the test (it will make Arrow Vulcan glitch out and unable to cast).
    • It is STRONGLY recommended to clear out the Drosera/Muscipular spawn before continuing, because the dialogue will lock you out of any actions for quite awhile.
  19. Talk to the =Notice= ve_fild07131132
    Take the kayak, and when prompted, and Throw the water out of the boat.
  20. Once you arrive in Comodo, head north and talk to the Kayak Master comodo192119 he suggests asking the hostess at the diner.
  21. Head to the north end of Comodo and speak to the Woman Roasing Meat comodo159316
    She tells you 'Minstrel Song' headed somewhere quiet southeast of Morroc. Head to the Assassin Guild.
  22. As you walk up the steps towards the Assassin Guild moc_fild16205231, you'll find a sheet of paper buried in the sand. Karian says to visit the clock tower, so head to Aldebaran.
  23. As you approach the Clock Tower in Aldebaran, Karian appears and sings you a song his friend used to sing. Afterwards, he suggests returning to Prontera.
  24. Near the south of Prontera near Kafra prontera15739, Karian will speak with you again. Approach him and speak to him. You will be warped to a small room.
  25. Speak to Maestro, Karian prt_in94172 again inside the room, and he will reveal that he is 'Minstrel Song' and job change you to Maestro.