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Chorus skills are 3rd class Maestro and Wanderer skills that can only be used with multiple Performers are in the same party and on the screen at the same time. This is an advantage over 2nd class Ensemble Skills where the requirement was that the two performers had to be of opposite gender and standing in adjacent cells. In addition, you can combine chorus skills with 2nd class ensembles and solo skills


  • Chorus skills require at least two performers (Maestro or Wanderer, in any combination) in the same party, with an instrument and whip equipped and both players on the caster's screen.
  • Unlike Ensemble Skills, Chorus Skills do not require both performers to know the skill, and the skill level cast will affect the outcome of the skill, even if another performer on the screen has learned a different level of the skill.
  • If the caster has learned level 5 of Voice Lessons or higher, they will be able to cast Chorus Skills even while performing 2nd class solo songs or ensembles.
  • The SP cost for all chorus skills is split among all performers in the party and applied to each performer as: SkillSPcost - ((skillSPcost / 10) * NumPerformers).
  • The skill cannot be cast, however, if other performers don't have enough SP.
  • After the balance patch, bonuses from additional performers are capped at 7 performers max.

The following skills are Chorus Skills: