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About Prontera


Prontera is known as the Imperial Capital of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. It is home to the Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusader guilds. Prontera is the heart of most of the Ragnarok Online communities, as well. The city received massive graphical redesign in Episode 16.


Many people live actively in this city. The Prontera Church and the King`s Chivalry are also based here. (Many of those who wish to become Knights, Crusaders, and Priests gather here with their dreams.) Through the orders of King Tristan III, new Swordsmen are being trained to become a member of the Chivalry. The center fountain has become a free market, as ordered by the King, with vendors and all different types of shoppers buying and selling items. On the side note, King Tristan III allowed the public to visit the castle, but because he is very busy, you will not be able to see him in the royal chamber.


Prontera guide.jpgPronteraupdate.jpg



  1. Another Pub (44,67)
  2. City Hall (76,92), (85,90), and (74,101)
  3. Inn (Nenkaras), west branch (107,217); east branch (204,190)
  4. Job Agency (135,185)
  5. Library, west branch (120,265); east branch (192,265)
  6. Prontera Castle (156,358)
  7. Prontera Chivalry (47,344)
  8. Pub (206,156)
  9. Sanctuary (235,315)
  10. Tool Shop (133,221)
  11. Trading Post (177,186) aka Forge
  12. Weapon Shop (175,219)


  • Bulletin Board - Prontera: Capital of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom (148,49) - Gives background information on Prontera
  • Billboard (165,305) - Flavor Text
  • Billboard (31,212) - Flavor Text
  • Prontera Bulletin (156,197) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (150,326) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (145,304) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (147,305) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (278,212) - Flavor Text
  • Sign Post (158,213) - gives general directions (or Flavor Text)

Guild Flags

  • Fadhgridh Guild Flag (143,203)
  • Swanhild Guild Flag (146,194)
  • Kriemhild Guild Flag (155,190)
  • Gondul Guild Flag (165,194)
  • Skoegul Guild Flag (167,203)



Guides - Prontera Guide (154,187)
Guides - Prontera Guide (160,29)
Guides - Prontera Guide (29,200)
Guides - Prontera Guide (282,208)
Guides - Prontera Guide (151,330)
Show on minimap: Swordsman Association, Sanctuary, Prontera Chivalry, Weapon Shop, Tool Shop, Inn, Trading Post, Pub, Library, Job Agency, Prontera Castle, City Hall
Kafra Employee (146,89)
Kafra Employee (151,29)
Kafra Employee (29,207)
Kafra Employee (282,200)
Kafra Employee (152,326)
Save, Kafra storage (40z), Teleport service, Rent Cart, Reserve points, Kafra location
Inn Employee - Employee Sammy (Inn, east branch)
Save, Rest (5000z)
Inn Employee - Employee Alma (Inn, east branch)
Save, Rest (5000z)
PVP Narrator (Inn, east branch)
Gate Keeper (Inn, east branch)
Vurewell (Upgrade Shop)
Level 1/2 metal NPC
Dietrich (Upgrade Shop)
Level 3/4 metal NPC
Repairman (Upgrade Shop)
Repair NPC
Hollgrehenn (Upgrade Shop)
Upgrade NPC

Store NPCs

Armor Dealer (Weapon Shop)
Guard, Buckler, Sandals, Shoes, Hood, Muffler, Hat, Cap, Cotton Shirt, Jacket, Adventurer's Suit, Wooden Mail, Mantle, Coat, Padded Armor, Chain Mail, Novice Armlet [1], Belt [1]
Black Marketeer (Weapon Shop)
Flame Thrower, Accelerator [1], Hovering Booster [1], Suicidal Device [1], Shape Shifter [1],Cooling Device [1], Magnetic Field Generator [1], Barrier Builder [1], Repair Kit [1], Cannon Ball, Holy Cannon Ball, Dark Cannon Ball, Soul Cannon Ball, Iron Cannon Ball, Repair A, Repair B, Repair C, Vulcan Bullet, Magic Gear Fuel, Liquid Condensed Bullet, Monkey Wrench, Camouflage Generator [1]
Bridal Dealer (City Hall)
Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Wedding Dress, Wedding Veil, Tuxedo
Butcher (64,125)
Meat, Monster's Feed
Catalogue Magician (99,64)
Window Shopper Catalogue
Chef Assistant (156,212)
Savory Sauce, Red Spice, Pot, Bread
Doll Merchant (248,153)
Puppet, Poring Doll, Chonchon Doll
Flower Girl (58,182)
Flower, Bouquet
Flower Lady (113,42)
Flower, Bouquet
Fruit Gardener (104,49)
Apple, Banana
Gift Merchant (105,87)
Red Frame, Chung Jah, China, Black Ladle, Glass Bead
Milk Merchant (73,134)
Nun (Sanctuary)
Coif, Rosary, Biretta, Scapulare, Saint's Robe, Club [3], Mace [3], Smasher [2], Flail [2], Morning Star [1], Chain [2]
Part Timer
Surface Paint, Face Paint
Pet Merchant (218,211)
Pet Food, Pet Incubator, Poring Pet Backpack, Rocker Glasses, Mochi, Bun, Flame Gemstone, Blue Vital Flower, Yellow Vital Flower, Damp Darkness, Small Snow Flower, Fresh Plant, Big Cell, Apple Pudding, Mystic Stone, Flavored Alcohol, Grilled Rice Cake, Fish With Blue Back, Pumpkin Pie, Green Apple, Traditional Cookie, Plant Neutrient, Morning Dew, Spirit Liquor
Tool Dealer (Tool Shop)
Magnifier, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Empty Bottle, Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing, Trap, Arrow, Monocle
Veggie Merchant (48,58)
Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin
Weapon Dealer (Weapon Shop)
Arrow, Silver Arrow, Bow [3], Knife [3], Cutter [3], Main Gauche [3], Rod [3], Sword [3], Falchion [3], Blade [3], Rapier [2], Scimiter [2], Ring Pommel Saber [2], Tsurugi [1], Haedonggum [1], Saber [2], Flamberge, Katana [3], Axe [3]
Weapon Dealer (Weapon Shop)
Javelin [3], Spear [3], Pike [3], Guisarme [2], Glaive [2], Partizan [1], Tridant [2], Hallberd [1], Lance
Weapon Dealer (Weapon Shop)
Town Sword [1], Cinquedea [1]

Trade NPCs

Manny the Mace prontera182174
Trades for UGC Tokens
Merchant (123,102)
Amount traded is selectable
1 Red Potion for 5 Shell
1 Red Potion for 10 Fluff
1 Red Potion for 10 Jellopy
Milk Merchant (73,140)
Exchanges as many as possible
1 Milk for 1 Empty Bottle and 15 Zeny
Nephia (165,232)
1 Red Ribbon for 1 Big Ribbon, 1 Ribbon [1] and 1 Silk Ribbon
Peco Peco Breeder - PecoPeco Breeder (55,350)
Knights only, Peco Peco Ride skill required
Peco Peco for 2,500 Zeny
Peco Peco Breeder - PecoPeco Breeder (232,318)
Crusaders only, Peco Peco Ride skill required
Peco Peco for 3,500 Zeny
Refining Researcher prontera182174
Refines equipment with Safe Refining Certificates.
Rune Seller prontera168228
General Rough Runestone for 1,000 Zeny
Quality Rough Runestone for 2,500 Zeny
Smile Assistance - Smile Girl (157,187)
1 Mr. Smile for 10 Clover, 10 Fluff, and 10 Jellopy
Jovovich - Hairdresser Jovovich (City Hall)
Dyes your hair for 1 Dyestuffs of the color of your choice and 1,000 Zeny
Teacher (Job Agency)
1 Ph.D Hat for 1 Illusion Flower, 1 Hinalle, 1 Aloe, 1 Ment
Wedding Staff - Happy Marry (Sanctuary)
Allows two players' characters to get married
Bride's requirements: 1,200,000 Zeny, 1 Wedding Dress and 1 Diamond Ring
Groom's requirements: 1,300,000 Zeny, 1 Tuxedo, and 1 Diamond Ring

Quest NPCs

Busy Boy (248,212)
Part of Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth) Quest
Chivalry Captain - Captain Herman (Prontera Chivalry)
Knight job change NPC
Chivalry Member - Bulma (Prontera Chivalry)
Teaches Play Dead
Cleric - Acolyte Klift (Sanctuary)
Teaches Holy Light
Cleric - Father Mareusis (Sanctuary)
Acolyte job change NPC
Crusader - Gabriel Valentine (Sanctuary)
Part of Crusader job change quest
Erious (Pub)
Part of Message Delivery Quest
Father Bamph (Sanctuary)
Part of Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth) Quest
Father Biscuss (Sanctuary)
Part of Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth) Quest
High Bishop - Bishop Paul (Sanctuary)
Priest job change quest NPC
Hypnotist (146,232)
Provides unlimited free skill resets to characters base level 99 and below as long as your weight is at 0.
Juan (Trading Post)
Teaches Berserk
Lady Amy (Prontera Chivalry)
Part of Knight job change quest
Leon Von Frich - Leon (Prontera Chivalry)
Teaches Fatal Blow
Man in Anguish - Murnak Mijoul (Prontera Castle)
Part of Crusader job change quest
Marianne - Housewife Marianne (Inn)
Part of Juice Quest
Morrison - Little Morrison (Inn)
Part of Juice Quest
Nami (Inn)
Teaches First Aid
Nursing Instructor - Dread Lord (Prontera Castle)
Part of First Aid and Play Dead Quests
Patron Knight - Bliant Piyord (Prontera Castle)
Part of Crusader job change quest
Recruiter (Prontera Chivalry)
Prontera Culverts Entrance Quest
Senior Crusader - Michael Halig (Prontera Castle)
Crusader job change NPC
Sir Andrew (Prontera Chivalry)
Part of Knight job change quest
Sir Edmond (Prontera Chivalry)
Part of Knight job change quest
Sir Gray (Prontera Chivalry)
Part of Knight job change quest
Sir Siracuse (Prontera Chivalry)
Part of Knight job change quest
Sir Windsor (Prontera Chivalry)
Part of Knight job change quest
Sister Cecilia (Sanctuary)
Part of Priest job change quest
Young man - Neil (275,86)
Part of Chief's Quest

Travel NPCs

Kafra Employee (146,89), (151,29), (29,207), and (282,200)
Izlude- 2000z
Geffen -2000z
Payon - 2000z
Morroc - 2000z
Alberta - 2000z
Aldebaran - 2000z
Comodo - 3000z
Umbala - 3000z
Kafra Employee (248,42)
Izlude - 600z
Customer - SoloHan (Pub)
Singles only
Jawaii --- Tavern only, see note on Jawaii page
Recruiter (Prontera Chivalry)
Requires you to do Prontera Culverts Entrance Quest to use
Prontera Field 05 - free


Prontera Keiki Location.png

Keiki prontera98120 in the south-west provides warps to different cities for a fee.

  • Non-VIP users can only choose Juno for 1,800 zeny.
  • VIP users (mini or real) have the choices in the table below:
Keiki VIP Warps
City Name Zeny Cost
Izlude 600
Geffen 1,200
Payon 1,200
Morroc 1,200
Alberta 1,800
Aldebaran 2,200
Comodo 2,200
Umbala 2,200
Juno 1,800

Other NPCs

  • Dairenne - Towngirl Dairenne (78,150)
  • Gravestone (262,353)
  • Guard - Prontera Guard (160,330)
  • Guard - Prontera Guard (52,344)
  • Guard - Prontera Guard (47,339)
  • Guard - Prontera Guard (229,104)
  • Guard - Prontera Guard (223,99)
  • Merideth (106,116)
  • Shuger (101,288)
  • Strife (216,70)
  • Tialfi (124,297)
  • Tono (54,240)
  • Woman (260,354)
  • YuNa (149,202)
  • YuPi (160,133)
  • A File (x5) (Library)
  • Bartender - Reams (Pub)
  • Blacksmith Guide - Blacksmith Guide for Dummies (Library)
  • Crusader - Max Von Shedough (Prontera Castle)
  • Curator of Library - Curator Guiss (Library)
  • Customer - Bachewcca (Pub)
  • Garnet (Sanctuary)
  • Ginedin Rephere - Tailor Ginedin Rephere (City Hall)
  • Henson (Sanctuary)
  • Librarian - Librarian Jekan (Library)
  • Librarian (Prontera Castle)
  • Library Girl - Library Girl Ellen (Library)
  • Lord Arthur (Inn)
  • Marvin (Pub)
  • Monster Encyclopedia - Dungeon Monster Encyclopedia (x4) (Library)
  • Monster Encyclopedia (x3) (Library)
  • Rebarev Doug (Prontera Castle)
  • Personnel Record (Prontera Castle)
  • Praying Man (Sanctuary)
  • Shevild (Pub)
  • Sir Michael (Another Pub)
  • TenSue (Pub)
  • Tristram III (Sanctuary)
  • Vending Guide - Vending Guide for Dummies (Library)


Prontera Culvert

See Prontera Culverts Entrance Quest for access.

Prontera Invasion

See Prontera Invasion for access.

Prontera Underground Prison

See Underground Prison for access.


Room of Consciousness

See Room of Consciousness for details.

Sky Fortress

See Sky Fortress for details.