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Besides certain Instances (which are also accessed from towns or dungeons), each town and area within the world of Ragnarok is also grouped into one larger main country or area.

Rune-Midgarts Kingdom

Main article: Rune-Midgarts Kingdom

The Rune-Midgarts Kingdom is the main country in the world of Ragnarok. With over 50 separate map areas, it is also by far the largest.

Republic of Schwartzvald

Main article: Republic of Schwartzvald

The Republic of Schwartzvald is an adjoining country to the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. It seems more technologically advanced than Rune-Midgarts, and it is home to technology-based classes such as the Gunslinger and Blacksmith class.

Arunafeltz States

Main article: Arunafeltz States

The Arunafeltz States is an adjoining country to the Republic of Schwartzvald. It is very religious, and has a desertlike, arid environment.

New World

Main article: New World

The New World is an area beyond that which adventurers have known since the beginning of Ragnarok. The Dimensional Gorge opened by the summoning of Satan Morroc had led to a portal to this new area. Mountainous fields, snowy forest and more await those who venture into it.

Global Project

Main article: Global Project

Global Project is a project by Gravity in which new cities with themes based on countries with licensed RO servers were (and still are) added in rapid succession. Wildlife, traditions and culture based on the country of origin are applied in the map. All cities under the Global Project can be accessed in Alberta docks.


Certain towns are standalone and are not part of any of the countries: Lutie, Jawaii, Nifflheim, Malangdo, Lasagna and Dimensional Gap.