Juice Quest

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Juice Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Meat
Quest Reward(s): Ability to make fruit juice
Location of the eastern inn
1. With 1 Meat in your inventory, go to the second floor of the inn in east Prontera and talk with Morrison . Show him the meat, but decline to give it to him when he asks for it. Tip: You can buy Meat from the Butcher at .

2. Talk with Marianne , who mentions hearing of someone in another town who produces fruit juice.
Location of the fruit juice workshop

3. Go to the fruit juice workshop in Payon, at , and talk with Marx Hansen, who offers to make fruit juice for you.

To make a single bottle of fruit juice, he requires one piece of fruit, one Empty Bottle, and 3 zeny. He can make juice from Apples, Bananas, Carrots, and Grapes.