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Beginner Skill Resetter

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Beginner Skill Resetter
Base Level: 99 and below
Quest Reward(s): Skill Reset
  1. In Prontera, talk to the Hypnotist to the right of the Tool Shop in the center of town. Alternatively you can talk to the Hypnotist in the center of Izlude.
    • Make sure your character is at 0 weight before resetting.
  2. When asked if you want to reset your character, say yes, and the Hypnotist will reset your skills for you.
    • Note 1: 'This quest is repeatable as long as your character remains at Base Level 99 or below.'
    • Note 2 : The Basic Skill must be returned to level 9 before you can put any points back into your first class skills. (On some servers, such as iRO, Basic Skill remains when resetting with this quest.)