Beginner Skill Resetter

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Beginner Skill Resetter
Base Level: 99 and below
Quest Reward(s): Skill Reset
  1. Talk to the Hypnotist located in either of these area:
    • izlude127175 in the center of Izlude.
    • HypnotistLocation.jpg
    • prontera146232 in Prontera, east of the Tool Shop in the center of town.
  2. Make sure your character is at 0 weight before resetting.
  3. When asked if you want to reset your character, say yes, and the Hypnotist will reset your skills for you.


  • This quest is repeatable as long as your character remains at Base Level is 99 and below.
  • The Basic Skill must be returned to level 9 before you can put any points back into your first class skills.
    • On some servers, such as iRO, Basic Skill remains when resetting with this quest.