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Job Base(s): Ninja
Job Type: Extended 2nd Class
Job Level: 60
Race: Human
Changes At: Amatsu Ninja Guild
Number of Skills: 25
Total Skill Points: 102
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+7 +6 +4 +6 +8 +4




Kagerou and Oboro clans were once known as the Right and Left hand of the Feudal Lord in Amatsu. They displayed fearsome prowess, completing every task swiftly with precision. Perhaps due to Kagerou and Oboro's outstanding abilities, they were banished from Amatsu by the Feudal Lord who has grown fearful of them. Betrayed by the Feudal Lord, it is said that Kagerou and Oboro have hidden themselves in the shadows of history.

Decades have passed since then.

A new group of clan calling themselves the "Ninja Clan" have appeared in Amatsu, who has steadily gained power over the years. It is rumored that the Jounins of the clan will teach experienced Ninjas, who pass the secret test, the ways of Kagerou and Oboro.

Job Change Guide

See Kagerou Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into Kagerou from a Ninja requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Written Test
  • A Survival Test
  • Test of Weaponry
  • Battle Test

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Kagerou.



Stat Amount Notes
STR 1 ~ 80
AGI 1 ~ 90
VIT 80 ~ 100 Overall survivavility.
INT 100 ~ 120 Base damage.
DEX 1 ~ 110 For cast time.
LUK 30 ~ 60 Small bonuses, extra MATK.

This build is similar to Kagerou's predecessor class, Ninja, and utilizes same offensive magic skills and new supportive type magic skills. INT, DEX and LUK are the primary stat for Magic build to increase MATK output as well as decrease cast time of skills. One can opt to completely drop the DEX stat in favor of other stats such as STR and AGI with the use of Cast Time reduction equipments and 16th Night skill to increase weight capacity as well as increase ASPD. Note: 16th Night skill stacks multiplicatively with all Cast Time reduction skills, equipments, items and stats.

Kagerou's primary damage and supportive skills are Freezing Spear, First Wind, Flaming Petals, Exploding Dragon, Ninja Aura, Cicada Skin Shed and healthy mix of Ninja 2nd tier magic skills such as Blaze Shield. There are new supportive skills that both Kagerou and Oboro classes can get such as 16th Night, Pure Soul, Fire-Charm, Ice-Charm and Wind-Charm that directly or indirectly increase throughput.


Stat Amount Notes
STR 90 ~ 110 Base damage.
AGI 80 ~ 100 Present in calculation of Swirling petal.
VIT 80 ~ 100 Overall survivavility.
INT 1 ~ 80 SP pool and SP regeneration rate.
DEX 80 ~ 100 Present in calculation of skills.
LUK 1 ~ 80 Small bonuses, extra ATK.

Throwing builds utilize newly strengthened throwing skills available to Kagerou and Oboro. The main throwing skills that are available are Swirling Petal, Kunai Splash, Kunai Explosion, and Rapid Throw.

With the exception of Rapid Throw, all throwing skills are based on STR to increase ATK, and DEX to increase the skill modifier. In the case of Swirling Petal skill, it utilizes the AGI stat in its skill modifier formula. Having high amounts of DEX and LUK will allow Kagerou to increase HIT and ATK of throwing skills as well as reduce cast time. It's worth noting that 16th Night skill will reduce significant portion of cast time of all skills so it's recommended that players don't focus too much on the INT stat.

With the combination of old and new supportive skills such as Ninja Aura, Cicada Skin Shed, 16th Night, Pure Soul, Earth-Charm, Fire-Charm, Ice-Charm and Wind-Charm and Cast Ninja Spell, both Kagerou and Oboro can deal substantial damage to their foes.

Killing Stroke

Stat Amount Notes
STR 100 ~ 120 Base damage.
VIT 100 ~ 120 Better HP pool for both damage and survivavility.
DEX 40 ~ 100
LUK 40 ~ 100 Perfect Dodge, extra ATK.

This build focuses on the Ninja's skill Killing Stroke, a mini-Guillotine Fist of sorts. STR and VIT are the two stats driving Killing Stroke's damage and are thus the main stats for this build. DEX and LUK can be used for Rapid Throw skill in conjunction with Killing Stroke to significantly increase the chance of killing your target. DEX also helps marginally with ninja skills cast time, but majority of the cast time will be reduced by 16th Night skill. A pure Killing Stroke Ninja may opt to discard some DEX and LUK in favor of additional STR/VIT for Killing Stroke damage but this is not recommended as the damage gained does not justify losing the benefit of Rapid Throw skill.


Stat Amount Notes
STR 90~100 Base damage.
AGI 110~120 Flee and ASPD.
VIT 90~100+ Overall survivavility.
INT leftover
DEX 90~100+
LUK leftover

The least popular build that is focused on auto/ctrl-attacking. This build should only be considered as 'for fun' build, but still viable for leveling (though might be VERY SLOW) and possibly low-tier MvPs. Leftovers can go to INT for Silence resistance and hybrid magic build, or LUK for more ATK. For more magical offense, INT can be pumped to ~100 and leave STR for leftovers.

Main AoE/leveling/MvPing skill would still be Kunai Explosion and/or Kunai Splash. For ctrl-clicking Shadow Warrior is a must, with options to max Right Hand Mastery or both hand masteries or just balance both, depending on preference. Hybrid magic build (especially that prefers more INT than STR) can MvP with max Flaming Petals or Freezing Spear or both depending on preference. Other skills like Pure Soul, 16th Night, and charms are also necessary.


Kagerou cannot wear transcendent-only or 3rd class-only equipments. They are limited to equipments that's wearable by all, ninja, kagerou/oboro, and 2nd class equipments. This means that equipments such as Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb, Variant Shoes, Valkyrian Armor cannot be worn by them.

Melee builds should try to achieve a good balance between 193 ASPD and ATK/survivability. Throwing builds should try to achieve a good balance between +% ranged damage modifier and ATK/survivability. Magic builds should try to achieve a good balance between 100% cast time reduction and MATK/survivability. Phen Card is almost necessary for throwing setups without cast reductions.



Throwing builds can go for either DD or Huuma setup. DD setup can deal a lot more damage with Kunai Explosion, but it's not very effective for early levels as the damage scales with base level, and the AoE is pretty small. Huuma setup can deal a wide AoE with Swirling Petal, useful for ranged mobs, but it gets very weak on later levels, very good for those new to the class.






Shadow gear

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
Cast Ninja Spell.png Cast Ninja Spell
Embue the ground with Earth, Fire, Wind or Water Property. Each element gives different effects. 1 Active
Cross Slash.png Cross Slash
Deal damage to an enemy and inflict the Cross Wound status. Enemies in Cross Wound status take more damage. 10 Offensive
Earth-Charm.png Earth-Charm
Summon up to 10 earth charms. 1 Supportive
Fire-Charm.png Fire-Charm
Summon up to 10 fire charms. 1 Supportive
Ice-Charm.png Ice-Charm
Summon up to 10 ice charms. 1 Supportive
Wind-Charm.png Wind-Charm
Summon up to 10 wind charms. 1 Supportive
Illusion-Bewitch.png Illusion-Bewitch
Has a chance to switch places with the target and inflict the chaos status on the caster and target. 5 Active
Illusion-Death.png Illusion-Death
Reduce the HP and stats of the target. Has a low chance to inflict Coma. 5 Active
Illusion-Shadow.png Illusion-Shadow
Creates a Shinobi clone and causes the caster to backslide a certain number of cells depending on the skill level 5 Active
Illusion-Shock.png Illusion-Shock
Reduce the target's stats and transform them into a monster. Targets cannot change or remove equipped items. Can only be used during WoE. 5 Active
Kunai Explosion.png Kunai Explosion
Throw an explosive Kunai and inflict damage all enemies within the area of effect. 5 Offensive
Kunai Splash.png Kunai Splash
Inflict damage with a kunai to all enemies within a radius around the caster. 5 Offensive
Makibishi.png Makibishi
Throw Makibishi on the ground. Enemies that step on the effected area have a chance to become immobilized and stunned. 5 Active
Pure Soul.png Pure Soul
The caster is immobilized and rapidly regenerates HP and SP. 5 Supportive
Rapid Throw.png Rapid Throw
Throw up to 100,000 zeny to deal defense piercing damage to the targets. Damage is divided by all targets in range. 10 Offensive
Release Ninja Spell.png Release Ninja Spell
Release the summoned Talismans to deal damage to the target. 1 Offensive
Shadow Hiding.png Shadow Hiding
Puts the caster in a state similar to the Thief skill Hiding. 1 Active
Soul Cutter.png Soul Cutter
Deals damage to the target. If the target is under the effect of a Soul Linker Spirit buff, it is forcibly removed and the target takes additional damage. 5 Offensive
Swirling Petal.png Swirling Petal
Throw the Huuma to deal damage to all enemies in a 7 x 7 area. 10 Offensive
Right Hand Mastery.png Right Hand Mastery
Recovers the damage lost from dual wielding. At level 4 and higher, increases the damage of right hand weapons. 5 Passive
Left Hand Mastery.png Left Hand Mastery
Recovers the damage lost from dual wielding. At max level there is no penalty for dual wielding. 5 Passive
16th Night.png 16th Night
Removed the fixed cast time of all skills, reduces variable cast time by 50%, and increases MATK by a certain amount. 5 Supportive
Shadow Trampling.png Shadow Trampling
Immobilizes targets using specific hiding skills temporarily and forcibly reveals them. Can only be used in PvP and WoE. 5 Active
Empty Shadow.png Empty Shadow
Removes the reflect effect from a target for a period of time. Targets under the effect of Empty Shadow may have their skills fail to activate. Consumes 1 Shadow Orb. 5 Active
Shadow Warrior.png Shadow Warrior
Imbues skill: Double Attack to a target for a period of time. Consumes 1 SP each second while under the effect of this skill. Consumes 1 Shadow Orb. 5 Supportive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
STR 8 12 23 31 39 43 48
AGI 5 13 21 29 41 47
VIT 6 17 24 37
INT 3 15 25 32 35 42
DEX 1 11 22 27 34 38 45 50
LUK 9 16 23 46


Equip Attack Speed From Ninja
Bare Handed ? ?
Shield ? ?
Dagger ? ?
Huuma Shuriken ? ?
Left Hand Dagger ? N/A
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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