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Ice-Charm.png Ice-Charm
Ice-Charm Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 20
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 2 seconds
Cast Delay: None
Cooldown: None
Duration: 300 seconds
Target: Self
Catalyst: 1 Charm Ice

Ice Charm (Alt: Hyouhu Hubuki) is an Expanded 2nd class active skill available as Kagerou and Oboro.


This summons an Ice Charm. These orbit your head like a Monk's Spirit Sphere. You may have up to 10 ice charms up at once. If you have 10 ice charms, your weapon will be endowed with Water Element. Summoning charms of any other element will remove all charms.

Ice charms increase damage inflicted with ice element ninja skills:
Freezing Spear: +5% per charm (+50% with 10 charms)
Snow Flake Draft: +25% per charm (+250% with 10 charms)


Charms are removed by skills that remove spirit spheres.