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Cross Slash

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Cross Slash.png Cross Slash
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 8 + (Skill Level x 2)
Cast Delay: 0.5 seconds
Cooldown: 5.5 − (Skill Level × 0.5) seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: (Skill Level + 2) cells
Shadow Hiding Lv.1

Cross Slash (Alt: Jyumonjikiri) is an Expanded 2nd class offensive skill available as Kagerou and Oboro.


A combination attack. A pair of Kagerou and/or Oboro each take an attack on an enemy to deal damage. On the first hit, the target is inflicted with an ailment known as Cross Wound for 3 seconds. If hit again while this buff is active, the second hit will deal bonus damage.

Level Damage (ATK) Range Cooldown SP Cost
1 150% 3 5.0s 10
2 300% 4 4.5s 12
3 450% 5 4.0s 14
4 600% 6 3.5s 16
5 750% 7 3.0s 18


  • Bonus damage is believed to be BaseLevel*Skill Level used;
  • The base damage is affected by base level. The proportion is believed to be [blevel/120];
  • Similar to Killing Stroke, the caster will move close to the target after using the skill;
  • The cooldown is 5~3 seconds, thus making it impossible for a single player to combo with himself;
  • The skill may only be used of both hands are being used. Wearing a Huuma, Twin Dagger, or Dagger + Shield will work, however, if attempting to use with either hand free of anything, the skill will fail.