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Kunai are equipped a type of ammunition used for the skill Throw Kunai. Aside from Explosive Kunai which can be bought from NPC, Kunai must be manufactured. Only Ninjas can make Kunai through an NPC at the Ninja Guild in Amatsu. They are made in sets of 10 each and they weight 2 each except the Explosive Kunai.

Fell Poison Kunai is no longer the cheapest Kunai to manufacture, the cheaper Kunai became Icicle Kunai making them the preferred Kunai for Neutral property targets.

It's important to notice that you can use a Merchant with Discount to buy the requirements to manufacture the Kunai, that practice could be in handy to Conserving Zeny.

List of Kunai

Name ATK Weight Element Effect Items Required Cost ea. (w/o Discount) Cost (with Discount)
13255.png Icicle Kunai
30 2 Water - 7522.png 2 Ice Stone + 13251.png 8 Nimbus Shuriken 38z 28.4z
13256.png Black Earth Kunai
30 2 Earth - 7524.png 1 Shadow Orb + 13253.png 2 Sharp Leaf Shuriken 38z 28.8z
13257.png High Wind Kunai
30 2 Wind - 7523.png 2 Wind Stone + 13252.png 4 Flash Shuriken 38z 28.8z
13258.png Heat Wave Kunai
30 2 Fire - 7521.png 2 Flame Stone + 13254.png 1 Thorn Needle Shuriken 40z 30.4z
13259.png Fell Poison Kunai
30 2 Poison Poison by chance 7524.png 1 Shadow Orb + 13250.png 20 Shuriken 38z 28.8z
13294.png Explosive Kunai
50 3 Neutral - - 100z 76z
13292.png Dried Squid
50 2 Neutral Stun by chance - - -
13293.png Flying Fish
50 2 Neutral Bleeding by chance - - -