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Bullets are a type of ammunition used by guns, rifles, shotguns, etc., much like arrows used by bows. Unlike arrows, there are only a small variety of bullets, and they come in two types: Bullets and Catalysts.


The basic bullets are usable with any gun with the exception of catalyst bullets (which are used by their respective gun and skills (e.g. Full Metal Jacket for Rebellion Rifle skills). Bullets can purchased from the following locations:

500 Bullets can be stored in a Bullet case similar to an Arrow Quiver.

Neutral Bullets

Name ATK Weight Price Req. Level Effect
13200.png Bullet
25 0.1 1z - -
13215.png Armor Pierce Bullet
50 0.2 15z 100 -
13222.png Bloody Shell
30 0.2 10z - Bleeding by chance
13232.png Blinding Bullet
20 0.2 10z - Blind by chance
13231.png Poison Bullet
20 0.2 10z - Poison by chance
13210.png Slug Shot L
30 25 250z - -
13211.png Slug Shot M
30 50 500z - -
13212.png Slug Shot H
30 75 750z - -
13208.png GongBug
50 1 100 Malang SP Can - Stun by chance

Elemental Bullets

Name ATK Weight Price Property Req. Level
13221.png Silver Bullet
15 0.2 5z Holy -
13220.png Purifying Bullet
40 0.2 10z Holy 100
13228.png Flare Bullet
20 0.2 10z Fire -
13216.png Blazing Bullet
40 0.2 10z Fire 100
13230.png Ice Bullet
20 0.2 10z Water -
13217.png Freezing Bullet
40 0.2 10z Water 100
13229.png Lightning Bullet
20 0.2 10z Wind -
13218.png Lightning Bullet
40 0.2 10z Wind 100
13219.png Magic Stone Bullet
40 0.2 10z Earth 100

Spheres (Phased Out)

As of 2018, Spheres are defunct, and are superseded by elemental bullets. Grenade Launchers are now able to fire them. Spheres are a special type of bullet that may only be fired with Grenade Launchers. They can be crafted by an NPC at the Gunslinger guild, or bought at Rebellion Prop Vending NPC in Prontera, and come in five different Elements. 500 Spheres can be stored in a Sphere Pack.

Name ATK Weight Price Property Effects
13223.png Incendiary Grenade
50 0.5 15z Fire -
13224.png Lightning Grenade
50 0.5 15z Wind -
13227.png Cryo Grenade
50 0.5 15z Water -
13225.png Poison Grenade
50 0.5 15z Poison Poison by chance
13226.png Flash Grenade
50 0.5 15z Shadow Blind by chance

Materials for Spheres

Ammunition Items Required
13223.png 30 Incendiary Grenade
1010.png 1 Phracon 1011.png 1 Emveretarcon
7097.png 2 Burning Heart
13224.png 30 Lightning Grenade
7053.png 3 Cyfar
13227.png 30 Cryo Grenade
7054.png 2 Brigan
13225.png 30 Poison Grenade
937.png 10 Venom Canine
13226.png 30 Flash Grenade
1024.png 5 Squid Ink


Some skill needed a catalyst which cannot be equipped and will be automatically consumed when said skill is used.

Name Weight Price Skill
7663.png Full Metal Jacket
0.2 200z Mass Spiral
7664.png Grenade Launcher
0.3 450z Howling Mine
7665.png Dragon Tail Missile
10 1,500z Dragon Tail
25187.png Slug Bullet
120 1,200z Slug Shot

Bullet Case

Similar to Arrow Quiver, each Bullet Case contain 500 pieces of bullet. Kenny at the Gunslinger Guild, Alberta, and Izlude can pack your bullets.

NPC Location Bullet Case
Bullet Merchant Kenny
Alberta alberta118157
Izlude izlude_in74104
Einbroch que_ng187149
13200.png Bullet
12149.png Cartridge
13222.png Bloody Shell
22737.png Bloody Bullet Case
13221.png Silver Bullet
22738.png Silver Bullet Case
13215.png Armor Pierce Bullet
22744.png Ammo AP Bullet Case
13216.png Blazing Bullet
22745.png Ammo Blazing Bullet Case
13217.png Freezing Bullet
22746.png Ammo Freezing Bullet Case
13218.png Lightning Bullet
22747.png Ammo Lightning Bullet Case
13219.png Magic Stone Bullet
22748.png Ammo Magic Stone Bullet Case
13220.png Purifying Bullet
22749.png Ammo Purifying Bullet Case
Sphere Pack
13224.png Lightning Grenade
22739.png Sphere Pack Lightning
13226.png Flash Grenade
22740.png Sphere Pack Blind
13225.png Poison Grenade
22741.png Sphere Pack Poison
13227.png Cryo Grenade
22742.png Sphere Pack Ice
13223.png Incendiary Grenade
12148.png Flare Sphere Pack