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Gunslinger Mine

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Gunslinger Mine.png Gunslinger Mine
Gunslinger Mine Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: (Skill Level × 4)
Duration: (Skill Level × 3) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: (Wpn. Range + Snake Eyes) cells
Ammunition: 1 Bullets
Weapon: Grenade Launcher
(Gunslinger) Spread Shot Lv. 7

Gunslinger Mine (Alt: Ground Drift) is an Expanded class offensive skill available as Gunslinger.


Plants a bullet on a targeted location that will explode when triggered, inflicting ranged physical damage. The effect varies according to the type of bullet used.

Level Damage Bonus Duration SP Cost
1 50 3s 4
2 100 6s 8
3 150 9s 12
4 200 12s 16
5 250 15s 20
6 300 18s 24
7 350 21s 28
8 400 24s 32
9 450 27s 36
10 500 30s 40


  • These mines differ from traps as they may be placed under players or monsters.
  • Cards will affect the damage of the bullet.
  • Card effects like Memory of Thanatos Card work with this skill.
  • Damage is calculated when somebody steps on the mine, this means that when the weapon is tagged, card effects like Hydra and Memory of Thanatos will work even if it wasn't the weapon the bullet was planted with.
  • The activation and damage of this skill are blocked by Magnetic Earth.
  • If this skill is used on a hidden target, the mine will explode (it assumes that a player or monster is occupying the cell) but no damage will be inflicted to the hidden target.
  • Pneuma also blocks damage given by mines and triggers the explosion.
  • Up to 25 mines can be active on screen.
  • When the user dies, the mines will not be removed from the screen but will still trigger when somebody walks over them, no damage will be dealt as well.