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Shurikens are a type of ammunition used for the skill Throw Shuriken. Dagger Throwing Practice and Throw Shuriken add Mastery ATK to the thrown Shurikens.

All of these Shurikens except the Starfish can be bought from Boonji and Amatsu Trader prontera178244.

List of Shurikens

Name ATK Weight Effect Element Req. Lv Price
13250.png Shuriken
10 0.5 - Neutral - 4z
13251.png Nimbus Shuriken
30 0.5 - Neutral 20 10z
13252.png Flash Shuriken
45 0.5 - Neutral 40 20z
13291.png Starfish
110 0.5 Stun by chance Neutral 50 -
13253.png Sharp Leaf Shuriken
70 0.5 - Neutral 60 40z
13254.png Thorn Needle Shuriken
100 0.5 - Neutral 80 100z