Killing Stroke

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Killing Stroke.png Killing Stroke
Killing Stroke Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 50 + (Skill Level × 5)
Cast Delay: 3 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: 5 cells
Property: Neutral
(Ninja) Ninja Aura Lv. 1, Shadow Slash Lv. 5, Dagger Throwing Practice Lv. 7

Killing Stroke (Alt: Final Strike) is an Expanded class offensive skill available as Ninja.


Rushes at a single target and performs an ultimate, devastating move to inflict massive ranged physical damage. Requires the user to be in Ninja Aura status, which is removed upon using this skill. This skill ignores the accuracy check and its damage is halved against Boss monsters (unknown if intended or bug). After using this skill, the user's HP is reduced to 1%.

Level SP Cost
1 55
2 60
3 65
4 70
5 75
6 80
7 85
8 90
9 95
10 100
Normal Damage = floor{CurrHP × [1 + (ATK × SkillLv) ÷ MaxHP]}
Mirror Image Damage = floor{Normal Damage × (6 + Mirror Image Remaining Hits) ÷ 5]}


  • This skill inflicts a number of hits equal to the remaining hits on Mirror Image plus one.
  • Using this skill on monsters with Plant-Defense will result in a miss.
  • The damage of this skill can only be reduced by cards and Hard Defense.
  • In War of Emperium, the user won't rush toward a target upon using this skill. It becomes another ranged physical attack.


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