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Illusion-Bewitch.png Illusion-Bewitch
Illusion-Bewitch Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 36 + (Skill Level x 4)
Variable Cast Time: [3.5 - (Skill Level x 0.5)] seconds
Cast Delay: 1 second
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: (Skill Level + 4) cells
(Ninja) Cicada Skin Shed Lv.1

Illusion-Bewitch (Alt: Genwaku) is an Expanded 2nd class active skill available as Kagerou and Oboro.


Casting this skill will swap locations between the user and the target, similar to the Castling skill.

Level Success Chance Range Variable Cast Time SP Cost
1 50% 5 Cells 3.0s 40
2 55% 6 Cells 2.5s 44
3 60% 7 Cells 2.0s 48
4 65% 8 Cells 1.5s 52
5 70% 9 Cells 1.0s 56

The skill is in need of further testing. It is known that if the Kagerou/Oboro is being targetted by a skill, if Bewitching a target, that skill will target the Bewitched target instead. It is not known whether it is possible to make allies attack themselves in PvP/WoE.


  • The success chance is reduced slighly by the target's INT;
  • Chance to inflict Confusion on self at 25% chance;
  • Chance to inflict Confusion on target at 75%;
  • If the target is a boss type, you will warp to his position, however, the boss will not move to your previous location;