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Smite.png Smite
Smite Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 10
Cast Delay: ASPD
Target: Enemy
Range: 4 cells
Knock Back: (Skill Level + 4) cells
Status: Stun
Equipment: Shield
Status Icon: I Stun.png
(Crusader) Guard Lv. 5

Smite (Alt: Shield Charge) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Crusader and Paladin.


Smashes the equipped shield into a single target to inflict physical damage and push it backwards. It has a chance of leaving the target stunned.

Level Damage (ATK) Knock Back Chance of Effect
1 120% 5c 20%
2 140% 6c 25%
3 160% 7c 30%
4 180% 8c 35%
5 200% 9c 40%


  • This skill carries status effects. Items or cards that have a chance to stun enemies while attacking them stack with the Stun chance of this skill.
  • This skill is not effective when the user is mounting a Peco Peco without having mastered Cavalier Mastery, since its delay is affected by ASPD.


  • A great skill to use to knock people out of Pneuma, also because it gives players awful position lag, making it difficult for them to recast Pneuma. It can also be used to knock players out of Sacrifice's range, but may be difficult if the user is not mounting a Peco Peco.
  • An excellent skill to use to stun opponents in War of Emperium if the user has high ASPD since the Knock Back is disabled and the skill may be spammed continuously.


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