Cavalier Mastery

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Cavalier Mastery.png Cavalier Mastery
Cavalier Mastery Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 5
Mount: Peco Peco or Gryphon
(Knight & Crusader) Peco Peco Ride Lv. 1

Cavalier Mastery (Alt: Cavalry Mastery) is a 2nd class passive skill available as Knight, Lord Knight, Crusader and Paladin.


Regains the attack speed loss when riding a Peco Peco or Gryphon. Without learning this skill, ASPD is set to 50%.

Level ASPD
1 60%
2 70%
3 80%
4 90%
5 100%


  • Players who intend to mount Peco Pecos require this skill to maximize their ASPD and, as most physical offensive skills are based on ASPD, the pace at which the player can inflict damage.
  • This skill doesn't affect Rune Knight, which rides a dragon instead of a Peco Peco. To regain their attack speed back, they need their exclusive skill, Dragon Training.
  • To save up on skill points, Rune Knight players can choose to learn only level 1 of this skill (only as a prerequisite for Dragon Training).